Shadows cannot hold hands

I was driving home from work today, rockin’ out with my cock out to my iPod playlist on shuffle, as per the norm, when White Water In The Morning by iwrestledabearonce graced my car’s 17 year old speakers. So as I was singing/growling along, wishing I could scream without coughing up a lung, when I remembered back to that fateful day when I had been introduced to the magic that is iwrestledabearonce.

It was before their first album had been released. I had been sitting where I am now, in the armchair by the window, when my brother ran upstairs from his lair in the basement and told me he saw a music video for a band whose vocalist looked like me.

Enter: iwrestledabearonce, Tastes Like Kevin Bacon video.

I was enamoured – not just by the fact that the vocalist, the immeasurable Krysta Cameron, and I looked similar (just from the video; we aren’t twins or anything) – but because what I was listening to was golden sound, filling my head with a braingasm of musical glory.

Since then, I’ve bought five t-shirts from their online store, and I’m ordering the special edition of their newest album (because HMV was failing and every time I went to Kelowna to get it, they were out of stock). Nothing like my badass list of nerdy things for Star Wars, but that’s the  most I’ve done for a band.

Sooo, iwrestledabearonce needs to come to the Okanagan next time they’re on tour. Hear that?! Okanagan Valley, southern BC interior, Canada!

A badass image, circa Tastes Like Kevin Bacon video
A post-haircut image, circa Tastes Like Kevin Bacon video

See, we aren’t identical, but note the similar glasses and haircuts. Also, similar clothes-wearing which you cannot see. And lack of me being surrounded by men in hot pants holding inflatable guitars in front of their junk.

From just watching the video, with its frantic motion and pure badassery, it was easy to see  how we looked similar. And thus, from such a simple, innocent motion, love for my favourite band was born. But it was a nice birth, not one of those where there’s blood and guts and screaming and the baby comes out looking like an alien.

So there’s my fun story of the day. How about everyone else? Did you discover your current favourite band through a holy twist of fate, or a mundane way?

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