the same kind as at ihop!

I took a few days off from writing NaNo, because I had been further ahead. But now I’m behind. So we all know what happens when you procrastinate. The good news is, I’m writing more now as I’m watching Gran Torino and I Am Sam. Both very good movies. If you haven’t seen them, you probably should. Clint Eastwood and Sean Penn are both so excellent.

I’ve been playing Dragon Age II since I’ve been taking time off from NaNo. I restarted (again) to make a rogue. As always, Anders and Fenris are in my party, because well, I love them both despite Anders being easy as a button and Fenris keeping a lock on his pants, and because I was a rogue, I needed more protection. Enter: Aveline.

Then I started some DLC.

Mm, Sebastian Vael. Scottish accent. Says “murder” and “here” a lot, both of which are sooo sexy when said in Scots. Sadly, he’s a priest in the Chantry and keeps a tighter lock on his pants than Fenris, who is at least doable. Damnit, Sebastian!

I need more of a life.

Except that won’t happen, because my new Asus gaming laptop is going to arrive tomorrow, and Skyrim comes out on Friday, and holyshittheglorythatshallensueandomygodidontneedasociallifeatall.

“You heard Callin,” she said, brows raised and voice serious. “Go. I can handle this. It’s just cloths.”

“Are you sure?” But even as she spoke and began to remove her soiled apron, a sudden surge of nervousness passed over her. Was she really going to go through with this? Oh, how ridiculous.

But, Aurora had a fair point. Why pass up the opportunity? Even with a smashed nose from all the fights he had picked over the years, there was no doubt that Stride was a very handsome young man.

She took a deep breath and shut her eyes. All right. She would do it.

Something yanked on her braid, and she nearly lost her balance and stumbled back as Aurora tugged the tie off her hair and began combing out the kinks and knots with her fingers. “Pinch your cheeks,” she ordered, handing back the tie and brushing out the wrinkles in her simple cotton dress.


“Gives you a flush. Men like that.”

“Oh, by the One, give me strength,” Carol muttered, staring up at the ceiling. “You are so strange.”

Aurora grinned, showing a brilliant display of teeth. “I’m living vicariously through you,” she laughed, and pushed Carol toward the door. “Have fun, darling!” she called, loud enough for a servant down the hall to turn and stare.

Carol felt the heat and blood rise to her cheeks as one of her brilliant and embarrassing blushes made itself known. “I hope you choke on your tongue, sweetheart!” she shouted back over her shoulder.

Aurora laughed, and Carol trudged down the hall, wishing her blushes would just go away when she wanted them to.

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