Brain sludge

What child/teenager/person in their right mind doesn’t like KD macaroni and cheese? It’s the staple food for college kids everywhere, and children who aren’t allowed McDonald’s. It’s pretty good stuff, albeit full of shitty unhealthy things that’ll kill you without a second thought.

Also, bacon is pretty good. Bacon’s good with anything and everything. I once made a peanut brittle only with almonds instead of peanuts, and bacon made a special appearance. Delicious. Bacon is perfect, heaven on Earth – and in the immortal words of my friend Bethany, “Bacon is just more proof that there is a god.”

So why not combine the two?

Well, Bethany and I often put bacon into whatever we’re cooking, which is usually macaroni. Scrumptious. We also once put bacon in grilled cheese, based on a dream she had. Today, I made macaroni, and I put meatloaf in it. There’s something magical about combining macaroni and cheese with some kind of delicious meat product.

In our neighbouring city, Kelowna, there’s a restaurant called the Twisted Tomato, and they sell gourmet macaroni. Honestly, what gets better? There’s a hamburger macaroni, with ground beef, onions, huge chunks of bacon, and tomatoes; there’s a lobster macaroni, with bits of lobster and peas; there’s a chicken pot pie macaroni, which is pretty self explanatory; there’s a spicy macaroni, with half a jalapeno delicately placed on top; and the good news is, they’ll put bacon in everything. Even into their grilled cheese, which may have been what prompted the dream.

Man. I love macaroni. It’s one of the two pastas I can stomach.

If you’ve never amped up your Kraft Dinner, make it with bacon, or meatloaf. I promise you won’t be disappointed. We can’t eat plain KD anymore. It’s just too… regular.

Anyways, so there are my thoughts on macaroni. Moving on. I wrote more recently, but sadly it was not for NaNo. Playing Elder Scrolls games gives me way too much inspiration for my own good, and I constantly want to make new characters because I love building personalities around them. The first character I made on Skyrim was based off my Oblivion super mage, Lily. Redheaded Breton of destruction and restoration, level 43, Archmage of the Mages Guild, Grandmaster of the Fighters Guild, Gray Fox, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Champion of Cyrodiil. But because you can’t specialize what hair colour you want in Skyrim, the red of her hair is faded, and I don’t feel quite like she’s Lily anymore. Still a badass, but she’s just not the same. Lily will always be an Oblivion character.

However, I once had an idea for a rather psychotic Nord. I made her character in Oblivion, but it wasn’t cutting it. So I tried again in Skyrim, and she’s perfect.

The character herself I built up a while ago, and added to while making her and playing as her. Heavy armour, two-handed weapons, skilled smith, avid follower of the Stormcloaks except in that she doesn’t want to reinstate Talos as one of the Divine Aedra (because she totally worships Molag Bal. King of Rape ftw?). Ahh, excellent. I have so many ideas brewing around, especially for Of the Arbour and Changeling due to just exploring the countryside and generally being amazed by the time and effort the landscape team put into the little details of everything. Impressive, as always, Bethesda.

I’m stoked to get these new ideas into my stories. Of the Arena is at such a crucial point right now, due to the bad guy nearly winning and the good guy finally manning up and doing what he’s said he’s going to do for the past ten years. One more final, epic battle, and then the conclusion will tie everything together – and leave open a cliffhanger that will bring about the start of the next one in the series, working title Of the Kingdoms. That one is going to be full of bloodshed – due to it taking place during a very intense war.

Hm. I wish I could play Skyrim and write at the same time. The one fault of PC gaming, gah!

Okay, idle rant done. This should be my only random fangirlish brain sludge for a while yet. And here! Have a screenshot of Skyrim to make your day.

4 thoughts on “Brain sludge

  1. You know, I don’t get into the PC gaming, but totally understand the need. I just don’t have the time for that type of thing or I would.
    I wanted to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons years ago so that I could make some characters and write a story/book about them, so I understand completely what you’re doing and I think it’s cool!
    As for the mac and cheese you’ve made my hungry as heck so I have to see what I can find! I love cheese!!

    1. I’ve never PC gamed before I bought Skyrim. I needed a new computer anyhow, since mine was super old and on its way out, and since PC games usually look infinitely better than console ports, I was easily convinced into upgrading a regular laptop into a gaming laptop. But time is definitely needed, for sure.
      Right? I’m a chronic new-character-maker, and I do it for the purpose of creating a story and personality around them. It helps for the novel writing, for sure.
      Ah, cheese. So good :3

  2. It’s my first day as a vegan, but I totally want to try some Mac n’ Bacon right now. Love the Skyrim updates by the way. I too attempted to create an old toon, but decided to go the Necromancer route this time instead. I’m really curious to see if Skyrim helps your writing in any way.

    1. Aw, veganism must be tough to get into, especially with something like bacon around. If it didn’t exist, I’d be down with trying something like that. Being a necromancer must be glorious. I always linger on destruction magic. It should! Oblivion certainly helped, so I have faith Skyrim will do its part.

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