Sims 3 sale on Steam? Yes.

Steam is a benevolent deity. Why is this? Well, my brother informed me that they’re having a sale, which I had a vague inkling of due to LucasArts tweeting about it. So when Spencer ran upstairs to tell me, I immediately thought:


So I checked.

And it is.

Half off everything.

I bought and am in the process of downloading the Sims 3, plus two expansions. I’ve waited so long for this. So long.

Oh shit, I just realized I forgot to download the pets expansion. Oh well. I’ll make do with whichever two I bought, because it’s been five minutes and I already don’t remember.

Anyhow. Steam also told me that I’ve played 75 hours of Skyrim. I should really be shot. I’m such a nerd. But at least I’m getting ideas, right? And I still have a social life, sorta. I’ve been writing a little more lately, which is just awesome! Yay!

Okay. Maybe going to go play Skyrim while the predator drone ruthlessly downloads the Sims. Time to frolic around and steal for the Thieves Guild, oh yes oh yes.

Also! I had a moment of Oblivion love, when in the Dark Brotherhood I was given the daily power to summon the ghost of Lucien Lachance, and then was subsequently given Shadowmere as a steed. Hearing Lucien greet Shadowmere, then having a jolly old time with the two of them, felt like home ♥

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