Proof that editing isn’t all that bad

In order to get OtArb (Of the Arbour, for those who aren’t aware I had shortened it to nonsense) published, I have to write a full-story synopsis. This was daunting, and I didn’t know how to start it, so I waited until I had Elisa online to help me kickstart it. So we got half the plot and character development written out, bit by bit, until…


Jessica: I was totally thinking of only passing over Lamplight, then I was like – wait, Sage totally has his first visions thar. Hurrhurr, I’m dumb.

Elisa: Yeah, you’ll definitely need to mention that XD

Jessica: Oh, and Ash dying. I’m an idiot today, ahah

Elisa: Lamplight happened before they figured it all out, right? O.o Wait, noooo. After Ash died

Jessica: They figure it’s Cain, Ash is offed, Briar sends Maia and Sage to Lamplight, he starts to go crazy, they go back to Hailstone, and Ren gives them the paper that has Turi’s family tree. From there, they’re certain it’s Cain.

Elisa: Okay, if you put Ash is offed in your synopsis I will laugh XD The editor will do a double-take. Be like… wait.

Jessica: I’m sewwww professional, lolol

Elisa: Did they seriously just put OFFED? XD

Jessica: I really deserve to be published. I off my characters, haha

Elisa: =P It’s your defining quality as a writer :3

Jessica: Haha, totally. Hokay. Time to off Ash. I also think I need more character development. Somewhere in there I need to add that Sage and Maia are totes buds now. And she’s encouraging him to be more talkative and personable.

Elisa: Yeah, I think you should definitely do that. Especially since they’re love interests

Jessica: Otherwise it’s like, BAM! THEY DO IT! Little out of the blue.

Elisa: Yar. Just a little


And a little later, after remembering that Maia, one of the main characters, was once a drug addict…


Elisa: You should mention the actual drug though. Since it’s not like she’s high on crack or something XD

Jessica: Hrm, yeah. On the way to Heath, maybe? Since that’s when Sage finds out that she’s recovering, and Malachi’s her pimp and dealer and whatnot. And the whole reason she got addicted in the first place. I love him, then I remember that, and I hate him.

Elisa: Yeaaaah, Malachi’s a douche XD

Jessica: Wittle bit. And he’s so chill about it. “Yeah, I got a fourteen year old addicted to a pretty bad drug. Raped her, whored her out, dealt her drugs. Oh, I deal other drugs and women on the side, and maybe do a bit of slavery. But I’m okay with who I am.”


Oh man. At least I’m getting some lulz in before shitting brix and sending my baby out to the big, bad world of traditional publishing. That’s what matters, right? Oh, and that I can actually remember the main plot points of my own novel without having to do extensive research. That too.

Also, on a totally unrelated note:

Marilyn Manson and Dita von Teese on their wedding day.

I’m still sad this hot couple didn’t work out. How does he get all the hot chicks?

Jessica, out.

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