Breaking news!

I know I should wait another day at least before putting up another post, but whatever. This is important!

So my dear and lovely friend, Nikki, has connections with her parents in the United States. Being the most glorious person that she is, she offered to get me stamps. There was some confusion because her stepmother didn’t know which we needed – and neither did we, honestly – but on Friday night $4.20 worth of USPS stamps came into my possession. Today, I scrounged up my manuscript, updated the cover letter and reprinted a few crumpled pages, then researched the cost of sending a letter from the US to Canada.

Around $0.89 was what I found.

So I put a $1 stamp on my SASE.

Do you realize what this means?

I’m sending my manuscript to New York.

I smothered my excitement even after I got the stamps; even after I looked at them and reorganized my manuscript. But as soon as I saw that I had what I needed…

Hopping, squealing, flailing, and loudly proclaiming that I’M FINALLY SENDING OFF MY MANUSCRIPT.

My heart is all a-flutter just thinking about it. This is the biggest moment of my life.

Another friend of mine is in Hawaii right now, and she’s going to get me more stamps, so I have a nice collection for later use.

I also had another boost of self-confidence when I was writing OtK (I had writer’s block for a while, which I forgave since I started it literally right after finishing OtAr). I needed to confirm whether or not I had stated something about the marriage of two characters, and got distracted reading the final two chapters of Of the Arena. Didn’t even find what I needed until later, when I wondered why I’d opened the OtAr document to begin with.

It reads like a real novel. That gives me hope that I can get these stories published one day. Me, the writer, the creator; I was entranced by the tale being woven, because it had been just long enough that I didn’t remember exactly how everything played out in the end.

Things are moving forward. I’m very hopeful, and very excited for everything that’s going on with my baby. I feel blessed that the people around me are so supportive and so in-tune with my passion that they’ll help me achieve my goals. I think I really like my friends.

Enough of this romantic crap. I’m going to go slay shit on Hoth, now that I’ve renewed my sub for SW:TOR.

Jessica, out.

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