Ponder ponder ponder

I recently acquired a plague on my hand. I don’t know what it is – though my mother surmises it is some sort of skin condition, like psoriasis or eczema. It started near the crook of my thumb, just little bumps that occasionally itched, and has since spread to the joint of my thumb and three knuckles, and it has begun migrating across the back of my hand. Only my left hand, mind you; the right is fine. They itch occasionally, but when they do, it’s enough to make me want to tear off my hand. And they bleed and turn red when I scratch them. Moisturizer doesn’t help, which blows.

I’m thinking it’s some kind of skin condition that is irritated by the cleaning products I use at work, like the soap and cleaner for the shelves. Who knows? I’m going to the doctor on Tuesday, so maybe he can explain my mystery plague.

Oh look, c'est moi!

In other news, I recently changed my hair colour. Recently being several weeks ago. I’ve been a redhead since summertime, and that hasn’t changed, only this time rather than do, what my hairdresser calls “rockstar red” all around or that with copper orange bangs, we did a more subdued rockstar red with daaaarrk purple bangs. Which you can see in this image. It only looks purple in the bathroom light, so far. Or maybe outside, but I can’t tell yet, as it’s too short. It looks more blue-black in person. Regardless, I love it.

I’m attempting to grow my hair out. It hasn’t been long since the days of my dreadlocks. I miss them. So much. I’ve definitely got cut-off-dreadlock-regrets. But once my hair is long again, I’m dyeing it blonde for the first time – platinum blonde. Borderline silver.

I also want more tattoos, as previously stated. It’s true what they say: once you get one, you want more.

My town is out of piercers, and my hip dermal has needed to be replaced for months. fml.

I want to have a Star Wars and Lord of the Rings marathon. Just take a weekend to rot in a basement in front of a tv.

Okay. I’m done rambling. I’ll give you a teaser or something next time.


Han: srs-cooking-face; Luke: startled deer-in-headlights-face.

4 thoughts on “Ponder ponder ponder

  1. Oh no! That sounds pretty intense. Hopefully it’s not the Blackwing virus…Ok nothing will be that bad, that’s for sure. But yea, eczema sucks (if that’s what it turns out to be) I had a little patch of it on my arm on the other side of my elbow for a bit. Lotion didn’t help nothing really helped until I got some prescription cream from the doctor. I haven’t had it since, fortunately.

    But a marathon sounds pretty good. I’d have to say LOTR, but that’s because for some reason I’ve been in the medieval kind of mood ya know?!

    And you probably have already seen this, but oh well!


    1. Ugh, it’s eczema. I saw the doctor today and he glanced at it and said it was. Excessive hand-washing, apparently. I have a prescription for cortisone cream, so hopefully that does something.

      Soon it shall be done! It will be first of many preparations for the Hobbit in December.

      AHH THAT CAT. It’s so cute I could die.

  2. Ah no way! Yea I got mine for the same reason as well. Used to take a lot of showers for some reason when I was smaller…The creams do help though, I don’t have any patches of it on my arm anymore. Hopefully it’ll work the same for you 🙂

    As for the Hobbit, I can’t wait! I remember reading that in middle school and thinking, “wow, if only they would make a movie of this” And now look! It’ll be amazing.

    1. No doubt! It’s going to be tough waiting until my hand is healed before I can overwash my hands again, but alas, it must be.

      Right?! I’ve got high hopes. The gentleman they picked as Bilbo is spot on.

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