A thought on tauntauns

Let me ask you a question.

What person who has watched Star Wars – the original trilogy, and specifically The Empire Strikes Back – hasn’t wanted a pet tauntaun? They’re the most hideously cute fantastical creatures ever created scientific fact. Stop motion, white, furry, horned creature with little paws and balloon innards? What’s not to love?

Cute though.

Me, I’ve always loved tauntauns. In the old game Star Wars: Battlefront II, one could play on Hoth and, if you were fast enough, you could ride a tauntaun into battle.


But even better news coming up.

SW:TOR sent me an email saying that as part of the Legacy update, they’re going to send every player with an active Legacy, get this, a pet tauntaun.


I remembered this today, logged on, thankful my subscription hadn’t yet expired, and sprinted out of the cantina to find a mailbox.



Hi, I’m a tiny tauntaun, and I’m cute as fuck.

It’s described as passively watching my adventures. So he’ll just pad around, being cute with his wittle horns and feeties and… backpack.

Go get SW:TOR, just to live the dream. Pet tauntaun. amg OTL.

4 thoughts on “A thought on tauntauns

  1. OH MY Gosh. I’ve been wanting to play TOR for a long time…but I know that it would have been the worst of mistakes :/ It’s looks so sick though. LOL your tauntaun has a back pack?? Lucky >.>

    1. It is no mistake. Believe me. So fun. My gosh. I’ve never played an mmo before, so it was a good choice on my part. Definitely makes my opinions of mmos positive. It must be my wee tauntaun’s first day of school or something!

    1. Ahh, yes, time and money. That’s the issue. oml, tauntaun academy. I think a part of me just died of cuteness.

      Yay! Thanks :3 I love awards. I’ll be sure to fill it out asap.

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