Bartending update

Well, with one formal class left before my exam, it’s nearly done. It started out great, then okay, and now I’m sick of it, but we won’t delve into that; suffice it to say one unfathomable douchebag ruined my experience during class yesterday.

We were given our practicum locations, for finally. I’ll be tending bar at Boston Pizza. This is good, because I’ll mostly be pouring draught beer and making easy drinks like caesars and Long Island iced teas. And because it’s an unpaid practicum with a complete n00b – ie, me – they won’t be putting me on during the dinner rushes. At least, I hope not. It seems stupid on their part, but maybe it’s just me.

We’ll see, I guess. At least I’ll be a certified bartender after this. I’ll get my speed up and maybe take a course on flair – and break everything while I’m at it – then I can move to Scotland for a while and have a means of making money.

How are things going for everyone else? Anything exciting happening as summer gets underway?

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