I’m sorry, muthsera, but…

In Morrowind, if your giant, luscious left thigh isn’t bulging from your ill-fitting trousers, you are no man.


Caius, who will whistle rudely at my Breton Nerevarinette, with his leg exposed.
The men of Vvardenfell know how to party.

(Best viewed in full)

Thanks to my Morrowind sounds and graphics overhaul mod, many of the men of Vvardenfell have torn through their left pant-leg, a la the Hulk.

Mmph, let me all up on that.

3 thoughts on “I’m sorry, muthsera, but…

    1. Dem gams.

      Also, Khajiit ladies have really nice bewbies, whereas the other ladies have the vanilla 2002 era graphic square tits. This mod was obviously worth it for that alone.

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