Changeling and self-publication

I think I’ve decided that I’m going to self-publish Changeling as an ebook. It’s finished, now that I’ve cut out just under 20 000 words, leaving it around 175 000, and it would help build my portfolio, especially once I publish Purity. As I still mean to publish OtArb the traditional way, it will look good on cover letters and queries to have something published, even if it is by my onesie.

So! This means edits!

I’ve printed off Changeling in all its impressive girth, and I’ve gone through once and edited it a bit. That being said, I’ll miss some things. If anyone out there is interested in beta-reading a high fantasy adventure complete with magic, dragons, war, knights, romance, and conniving wizards (but I swear it isn’t cliched), let me know and we can work something out! I’d love to have some feedback on it.

Just recently I had an epiphany regarding its potential cover, as well. Aisling, the main character, has a necklace with a leather leaf pendant and a blue jay feather. I based it on a necklace of my own, which has a leather leaf pendant. My idea is to find a woman of the same general build/colour as Aisling, stick her in a medieval style top, find a blue jay feather at a craft store, fix it onto my necklace, have said woman wear it, and take a real nice photograph. But of course in much more detail and whatnot.

So things are looking up in that regard. I hit a roadblock with Purity, but I’m determined to slog on and maybe have it ready to release before the year is up. I’m also hellbent on getting some work done on OtK, since I’ve been dragging my ass on it for the past few months. For both of them, I know exactly what I need to do and where to go, but getting there seems to be hard.

Guild Wars 2 might be partially to blame.

Speaking of, if anyone is on the Fort Aspenwood server and wants to rock out with a sylvari mesmer, hit me up! Give me your username, I’ll give you mine, we’ll try to find each other. It’d be like a Harlequin romance, but in an MMO.

As well, in other news, did you guys know that starting a sentence with “As well” is a Canadianism? Fun fact I got my third tattoo just the other week. It’s still in ITCHY phase, but that’s petering out and it’s not so flaky anymore.

Duchess, beneath my Alliance Starbird

I got it in honour of my kitty Duchess, who passed away last winter at 15. She was my first pet, my best friend and the love of my life. I went with my friend Amanda, who got her puppy Ecko on her foot. Note to everyone: Foot tattoos hurt like nobody’s business, judging by the reactions I’ve heard from everyone who has one. Stick to the safe places.

TL;DR: I’m done Changeling, I’m trying to work on Purity and OtK, and I ♥ Guild Wars and tattoos. And kitties.

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