I’ve been away for a coon’s age! Or at least it feels that way. I haven’t had access to my computer in a few weeks, because of reasons. I still had internet access, but only through my iPod so I couldn’t exactly update the old blog all up on there. So lately I’ve been reading a lot, socializing some, and playing a lot of Draw Something (play with me!)

Unfortunately, being without my computer meant that not a lot of writing was accomplished. There was a few thousand maybe written in my leatherbound notebook for Abomination (the tentative title of the Changeling sequel I’ve started) so at least there’s that. It’s something. Better than nothing. Woo hoo. I still want to finish editing Changeling and get it self-published, and I’ve unfortunately continued my roadblock with Purity, but progress is being made in OtK. So that’s nice too. Now that I’ve got my computer back, I’m expecting plenty of writing and gaming to be had, whilst also keeping up my sudden surge in outside-the-house social skills yeah right.

Anyway, just an update to let everyone know that I’m back after a not-quite-willing sabbatical. Teaser updates soon!

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