Hairventures: The Beginning

If there’s one thing to know about me, other than that I write and that I love Star Wars, it’s probably that I have a compulsion to take my hair to extreme levels. I’m known at work by the customers because of my hair. People I’ve known all my life might see me one month with, say, long brown and orange curly hair, and the next month with dreadlocks. I’m a chameleon, basically. One friend’s mother, who I see on a fairly frequent basis, said that my hair is different every time she sees me.

I dyed it the first time when I was 8; I got blonde streaks that we ended up hating because the woman did a terrible job, and we dyed brown over top, that being my natural hair colour. The next time I dyed it, I was 12 and we dyed it black. And ever since then, it’s just been a constant stream of new hair ideas.

My hair, without any added colour, is a rather nice dark brown. Of course, I haven’t seen that colour in several  years now. If I don’t brush it and let it dry naturally after washing it, it has beachy curls. If I brush it, it goes poofy and wavy. I’ve got two crowns, so there are mad cowlicks at the back, and one cowlick at the front that never behaves. But generally, it does what I want it to in terms of styling.

These hairventures started when I hit high school, and when I got a new hairdresser. I tell people now, when they ask about my hair, that she has a monopoly on my head, and that she’s free to basically do whatever she wants when it comes to style and colour.

I have had almost every colour of hair, from black to white-blonde to rainbow. I have had long hairstyles, medium jagged hairstyles, and super short hairstyles. I’ve had dreadlocks and fauxhawks and j-rock. For the next several posts, I’m going to chronicle my hairventures from 2007 and beyond, and keep updating as I continue to change my hair so that means expect something new come January.

This ought to be fun!

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