Hairventures: 2006/2007


Before high school, my hair was plain. I did nothing exciting with it. It was black, because I was thoughtful and dark, a bit greasy because I was still a thoughtless adolescent, and plain and long, kept in a perpetual ponytail with side bangs.


Then high school hit, and I decided to change things up. The first thing we did was cut it shorter than it had been since I was a much smaller child. It was a bob, cut just around the jawline, with a blunt fringe that just touched my eyes. This worked well because at the time I wore contacts and the hair didn’t get into my glasses.

I was in love.

And so it began.

Most of the black was gone at this point, because it wasn’t a permanent colour, so my hair was, for the most part, my natural brown.

I definitely recommend this sort of simple bob for people looking to change their hair without something too drastic. It’s fun and easy to work with – it just requires a blow dryer and a straightener, if you’ve got cowlicks and curls like I have. There aren’t really any products needed to keep the hair in line, either, so long as the blow dryer and straightener are used properly. Otherwise, maybe a bit of hairspray just to keep flyaway ends down.

The beginning to the hairventures just started at this point. Don’t worry – 2008 was a big year in my hairstyles, so the next few posts will be much more substantial – and I can actually get into products I use as well.

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