Hairventures: 2008: February – April

February 2008

2008 was a very big year for my hair. It started in February, which was the first time I cut my hair really short. “Really”, of course, is a relative term. My hair has since been much shorter. But it was a big deal for me, because my hair had been long for the past several years.

It was short and choppy, with longer bits in the front and shorter, jagged pieces in the back. I was beginning to be inspired by the j-rock and scene looks that were becoming popular at the time, and my hairdresser certainly got a kick out of it, too. This wasn’t the start of the dyeing just yet: this photo is a prime example of my natural hair colour. It’s a nice brown, no?

This style is fairly simple, but a definite foray into the more complicated styles. After washing, I simply had to blow dry (which I absolutely hate to do, but have since learned is entirely necessary, especially for more complicated styles) with White Sands spray, and straighten the longer bits. If my hair was feeling particularly fussy that day, I’d probably use a bit of hairspray, too.

Jessica, what is White Sands, you might be thinking. Well, let me tell you, in the only way I know.

And no, it isn’t interpretive dance.

White SandsWhite Sands is like a hairspray, but one you use before styling your hair, rather than after.

Just spray it into damp hair, then start blow drying and styling, and it will create hold in your style without much of that gross hairspray-y feel. This wasn’t used too too much at this point – but definitely came into play once my hair became more outrageous.

Two months passed…

April  2008 April 2008

… and I cut my hair short for the first time.

And so began the dyeing and my fascination with fauxhawks.

I’d always wanted red hair, but never had the balls to do it. This was the first of many times I experimented with having red hair. Leaving the lower part of my hair the natural brown, we put this dark copper overtop, and cut a shorter stripe down the centre of my scalp to create the fauxhawk. Note that the front bits are still longer, keeping in touch with the j-rock/scene styles I was enamoured with at the time. Also, on a side here, note the lack of piercings. I find it very strange seeing myself without metal bits in my face.

The White Sands spray was a definite thing here. There was no way to really make my hair want to stick up straight without it. Again, after washing, I would have to blow dry with the White Sands, and straighten the front and the spikes to make them behave, with the help of White Sands and sometimes hairspray.

At the time, I seem to have had this odd desire to get my hair in my face. Watch how that desire progresses and changes over the years.

2008 shall be continued, with steps into June, August, and September.

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