Hairventures: 2008: June – September

June 2008

June of 2008 brought about the first of my major hairventure changes. The first major j-rock style was in, and it was dyed the first unnatural colour. My whole head wasn’t blue; the bottom layers were left brown, while we dyed the top and spikes blue. It was jagged, straight, and long in the front and sides, and short and spiked up in the back, in classic j-rock style.

I loved this haircut. Blue was so much fun to work with, despite being one of those “fades quickly” colours.

Upkeep for this was much the same for my previous styles. Definite use of the White Sands spray, blow dryers and straighteners. It was about the same amount of work as my first haircut in 2008, only with shorter hair. 

August 2008

In August, the hair changed yet again. We kept the same style and dyed the top part purple instead of blue. This is also my very first facial piercing! More to come.

August  2008

Once school started and my hair was grown out some, the purple was long since gone. It had been stripped out only a few weeks after I dyed it due to going into a chlorinated pool. So I was back to brown and ready to try something new.

So we put in three random streaks of red (that turned brown by the time of this picture) and left the rest my natural colour. We once more went back to the blunt fringe, but we did something special this time around.

We permanently straightened it.

It’s the exact opposite of a perm – which, of course, is what we lazily call a permanent wave. The process is very similar. All sorts of super delightful chemicals were pumped into/onto my scalp and hair, and once they set after several hours of waiting, we straightened my hair and let it set again. Once it was all set, my hair was permanently straightened. Whenever I had a shower, went swimming, or ran around in the rain, my hair would stay pin straight and no longer curl or stick out in its typical random cowlicks.

It was a miracle, to be honest. I loved it.

For people who straighten their hair every day, I wholeheartedly recommend this. It’s a long process, but worth every second. I had my hair permanently straightened for several months, and not once had to touch it with any product whatsoever. I just had to brush it and go.

This of course means it’s harder to curl one’s hair and have it stay, so sacrifices must be made. But it is most definitely worth it if you straighten your hair all the time. If you dye your hair frequently, wait until after to dye it again – the red I put in was done before we dumped the chemicals in, and the dyed bits were completely fried; they felt like horse hair. But if you dye after, your hair should be fine.

Next stop, 2009! A really boring year, in all honesty.

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