Hairventures: 2010

January 2010

2010 was one year I did great things with my hair. January, as seen above, started out with the aftershocks of 2009, when I began growing it out. Here is the longest it has been since I first cut it in grade 8. These are my natural curls and cowlicks in all their glory, and my natural brown interspersed with a few lingering streaks of orange. I actually really like this picture, because it highlights how nice my natural curls could sometimes turn out and it showcases just how cool I am.

Then came May, and the entire reason I grew out my hair for the past year.

May 2010


May 2010 (2)

May 2010 (3)

May 2010 (4)

I got dreadlocks.

It was painstaking, but so so worth it. I skipped a day of school to get them done. Most people do it themselves or with the help of a friend, sometimes even using peanut butter and other sticky foods to help it knot. My hairdresser did mine, from 10 am to 4 pm. Tying each lock into individual tiny ponytails, backcombing, twisting, waxing, gelling. It was tedious, it was painful, and it was so worth every second and every penny.

But there was a small problem. Because they were so thin and therefore so many of them, it was very hard to keep up with them. I’ll have you know, those who don’t know much about dreadlocks, that they are not a lazy hairstyle. There is a lot of work involved. You have to wax and gel them daily using special dreadlock products (which aren’t cheap) and wash them with special soap. Mine, as you can see, were very thin and plentiful, so it took about three hours every day to wax and gel them. On top of that, I had to keep the roots and tips knotted, which was nearly impossible to do. I wasn’t prepared for just how much work was involved, and I only kept them for a few months.

I have major regrets. I wish I had kept them longer and just powered through the work. If I ever grow my hair out like this again, I’m going to get dreadlocks, thicker ones that are easier to take care of. Looking at these pictures again make me sad.

That being said, this is what happened when I had enough, in July:

July 2010

I also got new specs.

So I had Suzanne chop off all my hair and style it into a fauxhawk, which was and still is one of my all-time favourite hairstyles. Here is my natural colour, unhindered in any way. The nice thing about a short fauxhawk like this is that it is easy to take care of. As before, it involved blow drying and hairspraying up, as well as using bubblegum.

Maybe I should elaborate on that.



Osis fibre gum. It’s pink, and looks and feels like chewed bubblegum. But it holds well and doesn’t feel entirely too gross when it’s in, so your hair is still generally touchable, depending on how much you use. This was a must-have to keep my hair/cowlicks obeying even a little bit.

I’m going to spoil it for you all a little bit here: I’ve kept my hair generally short ever since.

Next stop, 2011. This was a pretty busy year, so it will be broken up into several parts.

2 thoughts on “Hairventures: 2010

    1. Thanks! I miss them SO MUCH. I’m sorely tempted to do it again, but I’m afraid I’ll want to get rid of them right away. At least the second time around I’d know what I was getting myself into.

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