Hairventures: 2011: May – July

May 2011


After chopping off all my hair in 2010, I kept it short. The fauxhawk continue to grow on me as time went on. That being said, toward the latter half of the year I let it do whatever it pleased and it turned into this:

April 2011

Anyways, the point of this post is the top photo. The second is just for kicks.

2011 was my graduating year. I made high school my bitch. While most girls spent the past two years growing out their hair so they can have curly princess ‘dos, the week before graduation I chopped all my hair off and dyed it black.

Because of reasons.

These reasons:

May 2011 (1)


May 2011 (2)


My personal belief is that only people white super dark or super light hair can really pull off sultry red lipstick. I wanted to be vampy for grad, so the hair went black. Suzanne did an amazing job with my hair that day. I literally went in for my appointment that morning and sat down, and when she asked what I had in mind, I said, “I have no idea.” So this was all her. You can sort of see it, but there are crimps randomly throughout the spiked bits, that looked like feathers.

I clearly looked amazing.

Also, more pictures because ego.

May 2011 (3)


May 2011 (4)


I’m just so saucy.

Anyways. Moving on.

After grad, I let the fauxhawk grow out a bit. This is one of my favourite lengths ever. I’m thinking I’m going to eventually go back to this type of style, from July.

July 2011


The care and products used for this short fauxhawk are the same as the others I used for the same style before.

Next up: the latter half of 2011, when things start to lighten up.

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