Hairventures: 2012: March – August

March 2012Following the same theme of red and block colours as the end of 2011, the beginning of 2012 brought about a red and purple jaw-length bob. The picture looks blue, I know, but I swear to God it was purple. It looked mostly black irl, too; I can’t win with this thing

The care and keeping of this bob was exactly the same as the last one. The trouble with purple is, of course, that it washes out ridiculously fast. When it faded though, it was just a nice natural coppery all around, rather than turning some weird shade that was the remains of the purple.

The first half of 2012 was lazy. Rather than continually get my roots done and keep up with the cut which I’m really really really really bad for doing and will usually just let it do its thing until I have no choice but to get it redyed I just let it grow out as it pleased. It turned into one of my laziest and favourite haircuts of the past few years.

August 2012 (red)Behold, the overgrown natural copper bob in natural beach wave state.

Also, behold my sunglasses, my first pair since I was ten. Prescriptions ftw.

The nice thing about this sort of natural red was that it didn’t look horrendous when my dark roots came in. It still wasn’t good, but I could get away with it for a while because they’re both darkish.

That being said, the next time I dyed my hair, not long after this, I learned the hard rule that one must keep up with their roots unless they want to look like greasy teenagers.

Let me give you hint of what I did, in case you haven’t seen any recent pictures of me.

  1. Red fades quickly but doesn’t dye out well. It took four hours of bleaching to get it to a reasonable colour with no lingering tinges of pink or red.
  2. When my roots come in, my hair looks like Oreos.
  3. I just might be Saiyan.
  4. And my power level might be over 9000.

Give up yet? Here, a photo from the bleaching process, midway through:

August 2012 bleachWe went blonde.

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