A basic writer Q & A

Because they can be insightful, because I have nothing better to do that’s a lie, I should be developing the world of Changeling more, or writing more Abomination, or editing Purity, or starting on the rewrite of Of the Arbour, or–

And hey, maybe it’ll give everyone else more of an idea of just why I do what I do, and where this all comes from.

Taken from the deviantART page of Elisa Nuckle.
1. When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing stories for most of my life. I cleaned out my closet recently and discovered so many little half-baked stories that I’d come up with when I was younger than ten. I’ve known I’ve wanted to be an author since I was 13, but only recently have taken the major steps toward that goal, and actually written something worth publication.

2. When you were a beginning writer, what did your write primarily? What do you write now, primarily?  (i.e. romance, fan-fiction, poetry)

I wrote plenty of Star Wars fanfiction that will never see the light of day. From there, I began to write sci fi stories that were based closely on Star Wars. In grade seven, a friend and I wrote a novel about vampires called Tears of Blood, which was completely scrapped save for one character: Fane, the son of Dracula, who now resides in Purity. I now usually write fantasy, high and epic.

3. How often do you write?

Daily. Even if it isn’t a lot a day, I still write at least a few sentences a day. There was one period when I got my wisdom teeth taken out last year when I wrote over 20 000 words in a period of four days. I was a monster.

4. When is your favorite time of the day to write?

I write whenever I can. Being that I work during the day, I’m forced to write in the evening, but when I don’t have to work I’ll write all day and well into the night.

5. Do you have a writing muse? If so, who/what?

Video games, history, and mythology.

6. What is your most popular lit piece?

Over the history of my public writing (which was mainly on deviantART) it has to be Purity. There has been a long history with that bad boy that gave me a little following on the internet.

7. What is the piece you are currently writing?

Abomination, which is the sequel to Changeling; a compilation of the lore of Changeling; Of the Kingdoms, the threequel to Of the Arbour; Purity. I usually have several things on the go.

8. What is the piece you most recently finished?

Changeling. Or, wait, no. Purity. For the fourth time.

9. What piece are you most proud of?

Changeling. That world is ridiculously expansive. Four continents, a huge complicated magical system, and unique characters.

10. What piece are you most disappointed in?

The first few rewrites of Purity. I like it fine now, and I liked it when I started, but in hindsight it was pretty heinous. Juvenile and just… just bad. It grew up considerably with this most recent rewrite.

11. From all of your stories, who is/are your favorite character(s) and why? (try to limit it to 3)

Aisling, Changeling: She is one of the most unique leads I’ve ever created. She isn’t your typical fantasy heroine who is some great being like a princess and gets what she wants. She’s had a difficult life and really her only goal is to life peacefully and quietly and not draw attention to herself.

Alistair, Changeling: He’s just fun and quirky. Plus he’s got depth. Despite being royalty, he’s had his own struggles. Also, he’s got a drinking problem.

Sage, Of the Arbour: Sage is just… he’s so sweet and endearing. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t like him.

Plus, as always, there are the minor characters who steal my heart. From Changeling, there’s Sophia Henson and her father, Vincent; and Morwenna the elf; and Ranan Harit the trapeze artist gypsy. From Of the Arbour, Stride and Siras were my favourite minors.

12. What is the best compliment you ever got on your writing?

When people fall in love with my characters and get emotionally invested in their stories.

Also, when Elisa said my dragons are cooler than the dragons in the Elder Scrolls.

Bethesda, do u even lift?

13. What is your main goal with writing?

I want to entertain people, to tell a story that gives people the feels.

14. Have you ever been published?

Nope, but Purity is on its way to self-publication and Changeling will be there soon.

15. If tomorrow you learned that you would never be able to formally publish a story, would you still write?

Yes. I wouldn’t be able to help myself. Writing is my life. I wouldn’t know how to stop.

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