Hairventures: 2012: August – October

August 2012 (2)


In August, Suzanne and I did something never done before: we went blonde. This took a bit of pushing to get me to do it (that being said, it’s not a lot of pushing compared to most). When she first suggested blonde, I thought she meant dark blonde. She corrected me and said we should go white blonde.

So we did.

Now, the thing about this first segment of blondehood is that we dyed over red. Red dye fades and washes quickly, but hates being dyed over. Despite the four excruciating hours of bleaching we endured to get this colour, you can see in the photo that it isn’t perfect.

So, being the fun people we are, we added some steel blue to the tips and went wild.

I really enjoyed being blonde. Luckily there weren’t many blonde jokes, though some people did ask if I had more fun.

This was a day of many firsts. Aside from becoming blonde for the first time, we also did a hair tattoo for the first time!

August 2012 (1)


These are fun. They grow out fairly quickly, so enjoy them while they last or keep up with them.

A few months of this past, and my hair turned awkward bleach blonde yellow. It went pretty brassy pretty hard. So next time we dyed, we fixed that. More on that in a moment.

When October rolled around, we went over the blonde again. This time it went whiter, without any of the red undertones.

October 2012 (1)


We also did hot pink for the first ever time! If you’re counting, by this point I’ve done every colour but yellow and green.

October 2012 (2)


We also did another hair tattoo, which was dyed silver. I loved it.

Okay, so. Blonde hair upkeep.

Washing in cold water is best, as it is for most dyed hair. But that’s not enough to keep it from doing what blonde hair does – turning yellow. For that, you need purple shampoo.

Purple shampoo


This is the type I used. It’s literally purple – dark violet – and you use it once or twice a week, depending on the colour you want, by adding it to your regular shampoo. It keeps your hair from turning brassy, which is great. The brassy look makes you look like a prepubescent girl who wanted to be a blonde just so she could have the dark roots because she thinks it looks hot.

We went short again, with another fauxhawk style for both. I go through phases where I think I want long hair, then realize when it gets to shoulder length that i hate it and hack it all off.

Aside from that, have fun, as with any other hairstyle!

We’re almost all caught up to the current styles. How very exciting.

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