A tentative Purity release date

JP Marshman - Purity - Book Cover


An update on my little vampire ditty, Purity:

Though she is still in the process of being edited, I have tentatively decided on a release date.  If everything goes to plan, she will be for sale to the public a week or so before Halloween 2013.

Around October 20 or October 24, Purity will be available for purchase.

So hopefully everything goes according to plan. Once I have a more concrete idea when exactly the publication date will be, I will inform you all.

I’m very much looking forward to this, especially with that gorgeous cover.

2 thoughts on “A tentative Purity release date

    1. Oh gosh yes. I’ve edited it once myself, and I’m getting two others to edit it right now, who are both about halfway through. Once they’re done, I’m going to include their suggestions and edit it myself again. It’d probably be best to beta read once it’s all said and done, so the nit picking can happen. I’m so psyched!

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