Hairventures: 2013: July

Mah hurr has been did again!

Due to the fact that I’m a poor kid living on her own, I couldn’t keep up with the ridiculous, fun stuff that Suzanne and I usually do. To be safe, we went as dark as she was willing to go, since my own hair is only a few shades lighter than this black. Just before we started dyeing and cutting, Suzanne looked at me, at the blonde, bleached patch that had been yellow and orange before, and asked if we were still going to do something fun.

I had resigned myself to the fact that I’d have to have single-tone hair once more, but this perked me up. We’ve been going strong with the weird colours for years now – why break the cycle?

We also did it plenty shorter than usual, so I can go longer without having to get it cut, because lazy and poor. My only direction was that I wanted it a short pixie, a la Wynona Ryder in the early millennium, like in Alien: Resurrection, if you’re familiar. So we did!

I can also do fauxhawks again. Aww yeaahh.

The only problem is that blue fades and washes out pretty quickly, but the mother and I have a rudimentary plan to combat that. Because we’re brilliant.

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