Controlled, by Elisa Nuckle

My pal Elisa Nuckle has written an amazing short story for Fiction Vortex. It’s called Controlled, and it’s about dragons.

Not only is that badass already, but after having aforementioned short story published with Fiction Vortex, she won their July contest by a landslide. So that’s kind of a big deal.

So, hey, maybe go read Controlled, because you’re awesome and it’s awesome and together you’ll just be perfect.

4 thoughts on “Controlled, by Elisa Nuckle

  1. You are an awesome friend for promoting this. I can’t believe it won — and by so much. I’m just. Just. What are coherent words. (You’d think I won an Emmy but I’ve never won a contest in my life, so this is a huge thing for me.) 😀

    1. I remember there was a contest on dA a few years ago all about the supernatural. One contest a week, and an overall contest. I won second place of 3 out of 4 of the weekly contests, and won overall for the month. So I know how exciting such a minor thing can be.

      Also, I’m going to promote until the end of time. That’s just fact. This is only the start!

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