The conundrum of being a writer


There. I said it. And what a phrase it is.

Two simple words shouldn’t be so terrifying. But they are. They really are.

Whenever I want to sit down and write, I’m at a place where I can’t – namely, at work. And vice versa: whenever I have time to sit down and write, I’m unable to do much more than gawk at my computer screen or get wholly distracted by imgur or the newfangled television James set up in my bedroom. Even as I write this post, I’m getting distracted by the Tudors.

Like, three days distracted. I’m sick.

But the thing is, distraction is the only cure. If you sit there and stare at the cursor, waiting for something to happen and damning your brain for suddenly being a sack of shit, nothing will ever come to you. Distraction is the only means.

My best time for inspiration is Tuesdays and Wednesdays at work. Why, you might ask? Well, I might answer, because that is the day the LMPI – import – magazines arrive at the store, and the day I do nothing but sit in the back and price and receive. It’s monotonous and distracting, and because of it my house is littered with handwritten notes for full write-up at a later date.

I’m weathering a bit of a slump right now. It isn’t terrible, and I am powering through it, but it’s a challenge. After not touching ABOMINATION for a while and only working on OF THE ARBOUR, I’ve pretty much switched places, only I’m trudging on the former and now flying through it as I did with OF THE ARBOUR.

Ah, the life of a writer is a troubled one.

What does everyone else do to power through writer’s block?

2 thoughts on “The conundrum of being a writer

  1. I know your pain! There’s something about that damned blinking cursor that kills creativity or free thinking for me. When I get like that I go somewhere with no TV, taking a pen and paper and start writing questions down to my self/muse e.g. Why does dislike person X, or why does Consuelo practice la destreza? (as in how does this move the plot forward). I keep asking dumb questions until they speak back; then I’m on a roll and get back to the computer screen.

    1. The cursor just sits there, taunting you, whispering all your writerly failings in you ear even as you struggle. It’s the worst thing in the world – when you’ve got writer’s block.

      That sounds like a good way to do it, seems to me. Just shutter yourself in with no outside distractions and do some idle notes until something crops up. I’ll have to try that next time I’m stumped.

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