My Head Is An Animal, an album review


My Head Is An Animal


Dirty Paws
King and Lionheart
Mountain Sound
Slow and Steady
From Finner
Little Talks
Six Weeks
Love Love Love
Your Bones
Yellow Light
Numb Bears

My Head Is An Animal is the debut studio album by the Icelandic group Of Monsters & Men. You, like me, might have heard their song Little Talks all over the radio for the past year and a half. And, like me, you probably got it stuck in your head a thousand times before finally finding out what it was called and who it was by.

After finding out what it was and listening to it several times on YouTube, I decided that I needed it for myself.

Now, I’m one of those rare few who still prefers to buy music than to download it. Not just for ethics’ sake – though I do genuinely want to support artists, as I am one myself – but because I like having my own copy and because I’m paranoid about getting viruses on my beloved computer. I considered for a moment ripping the song off YouTube – then decided, without research, hey, the rest of the album must be good, too.

So off to iTunes I went, in search of glory.

And, boy, did I find it.

This is the first time in recent memory that I actually love every single song on an album. Not just, hey, I really like the singles but I do enjoy the ballads, too.


I love it all.

I love it all like I haven’t listened to anything else since I bought it.

I love it all like it’s all I have in my head and all I think about.

Little Talks is catchy and fun, and I’m not sick of it yet. Love Love Love and Slow & Steady are romantic and gentle. Numb Bears and Dirty Paws are fun and bizarre. The harmonies are beautiful, and some of the best I’ve heard. The vocalists complement each other so well, and never overpower each other. The instruments are often simple – sometimes nothing more than a guitar – but the tunes are all endearing and again, complement the vocals and style. It’s an hour of European indie fun that’s totally worth listening to.





All in all

If you like upbeat, happy-go-lucky indie music with a few sad twists – or if you just want something different – give My Head Is An Animal a try. I’m listening to it right now.


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