Best dream ever


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So I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately, which is great, and as such, naturally it would seep its way into my subconscious. I had to write down this dream somewhere before I forgot.

I was at work, one of those this is work but it doesn’t look like work because it’s a dream things and when I looked out the window, there across the street were David Tennant and Matt Smith in full getup, just chatting as they waited for the light to cross.

See ya, work. I’m going to meet the Doctor(s)! Maybe they’ll give me autographs and photos or something.

They both greeted me pleasantly, as I’m sure they’re pretty used to people stopping them in the street. Matt had to go do something involving somebody’s cat, I think? so David invited me to join him for some errand he had to run, as well. So, obviously, I went.

We went into someone’s house nearby and messed around a bit. Could not tell you what we were possibly there to do. In any case, after the people there started to offer us food, I brought us to a nearby rooftop pub. A friend of mine was there, so we chatted for a bit and watched her struggle to actually get food in her mouth dreams, amirite?

So we left the pub and went into the parking lot. Determined to not part ways with a man who is clearly my new best friend, I showed him my car.

Now, my actual car, Sir Percival Beverlynn, is a whiny mess who groants and screams at everything.

Dream car, however, was precisely that: one of my dream cars. Though it was never said in-dream, and I had a different name for it there, it bore a striking resemblance to McLaren P1.


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Needless to say, David was pretty psyched and took it on a joy ride.

At some point the party ended, and we went back to the intersection where I’d found him. Matt was just getting back as well, holding a cat crate so clearly his errand was successful and after we all parted ways, I went back into my place of work and bragged to everyone that this time, David Tennant was my companion.

This was actually one of the best dreams that actually kind of had a timeline and made sense that I’ve ever had.

Thanks, brain, for seriously entertaining me.

4 thoughts on “Best dream ever

  1. Duuuuuude! Best dream ever! Makes me wish I had more Doctor Who dreams, but I’ll settle for nonsensical trips around places I’ve never been before xD

    1. Right?! I couldn’t even believe it. I just really want to be friends with David Tennant. In my dreams, though, I’m besties with pretty much all my favourite celebrities. I love it.
      Nonsensical trips are awesome, too! I wish I had more of those.

      1. See, I feel the exact same way about Hiddles. Gosh, I would just love to be besties with him. He just seems like an awesome person to chill with, especially considering that I don’t drink and I’m preeeeetty sure he doesn’t, either. I could be wrong, though. I’m not a creeper stalker trying to get all the details of his life through social media xD

      2. Oh, man, agreed. It’s all those spindly British men. And don’t worry – I also use social media to stall, haha. It’s viable, I swear!

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