Oh dear.

It seems I have been absent a long time.

Though excuses are silly, I shall give them all the same:

  • It was December, which means it’s the busiest time of the year where I work: ie, retail.
  • Also Christmas, which involved lots of running around to see the in-laws.
  • Then New Years. Though I guess that’s just the one day.
  • For two weeks, the partner and I were in Cuba. We just got home this past weekend.

Excuses excuses, amirite?

I’ve got about ten books I need to review, so I’m building a stack that keeps glaring me in the face whenever I walk past. I also need to update my hairventures, though I’ll say it has been boring lately – just blonde, no style, because I’m waiting for it to grow out some for the biggest adventure yet.

Now that the new year is officially underway, however, I plan on updating regularly again. Writing group is meeting up (tonight at my house, incidentally) so I’ll have flash fiction to post, and book reviews, and hair, and yada yada yada.

Soon I’ll throw a proper update on here 😀

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