I’m back!

I know, I know.

This absence has been atrocious.


Let me explain.

Last summer, I came to realize that the battery of my trusty laptop was dying. Easy enough, right? I went to the local computer shop, ordered a new battery, and went on with my life. Then I installed the Witcher 3 – a newer game on my older computer (the computer turned five this past November) that I expected to run on high settings like it did for other games, not realizing the grave error of my ways.

The intake for the fan was on the left side. The outtake was on the right. The plugin for the AC adapter was also on the right. So it got really hot as the computer struggled to keep up with the high graphics settings of the Witcher and overheated the plug.

So, while the computer still technically works, I don’t want to work on a technicality. I have been without a computer since last, oh, September?




The months since have been all about saving, saving, saving and work, work, working, because I got a promotion and now run the deli at my store in order to buy a new computer. This time, I was determined to get a desktop that I built myself.

Guess what was bought Christmas night and set up this past Sunday?

Having a computer again has freed me up entirely. I feel back on the horse, able to write, keep up with social media so much easier, and I’m able to game again – and I can play the Witcher without my computer melting!

As a basic summary, I’m going to get my poop in a group and post more. A schedule might be a good idea, so every Monday I’m going to put something up, be it hairventure update (though that has been exclusively me growing it out lately), writing teaser, or photography dump.

Therefore, this upcoming Monday, look forward to a detailed analysis of how I created my cosplay of Midna from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess!

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