Hairventures: 2012: August – October

August 2012 (2)


In August, Suzanne and I did something never done before: we went blonde. This took a bit of pushing to get me to do it (that being said, it’s not a lot of pushing compared to most). When she first suggested blonde, I thought she meant dark blonde. She corrected me and said we should go white blonde.

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Hairventures: 2010

January 2010

2010 was one year I did great things with my hair. January, as seen above, started out with the aftershocks of 2009, when I began growing it out. Here is the longest it has been since I first cut it in grade 8. These are my natural curls and cowlicks in all their glory, and my natural brown interspersed with a few lingering streaks of orange. I actually really like this picture, because it highlights how nice my natural curls could sometimes turn out and it showcases just how cool I am.

Then came May, and the entire reason I grew out my hair for the past year.

May 2010


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