CHANGELING, the first book in the series, has been finished, and is in the process of being edited. Once it’s all complete, I intend to put it on the market. Keep an eye open for updates.

A short story anthology titled THE TIME BETWEEN, which takes place in the years between Changeling and Abomination, is in the process of being edited.

ABOMINATION, the sequel, has been finished, and is the process of being edited.

A short story anthology titled THE CENTRE OF THE WORLD,  which takes place in the years between Abomination and Usurper, is being written.

USURPER, the threequel, is being written.


Changeling Synopsis

Nallis is a monarchy in the southern kingdoms wracked by sudden political change upon the death of the crown prince, Edric. She is a land bearing an age-old hatred and mistrust of mages, and a new prince unprepared to take the throne.

The Gabal Mountains to the east are dangerous, inhospitable, and home to the most powerful mages to have ever lived, led by the ancient and enigmatic Father Zdravko, a necromancer and chronomancer who, for the past six centuries, has kept the craggy mountains isolated from outsiders.

Willowfirth is peaceful and quiet, home to neutral elves who hone their ancient, blessed skills of dragon riding. They are the only ones capable of controlling the unpredictable beasts, but even they cannot raise them from hatchlings: that takes the power of the Words and a virginal human girl.

When his elder brother dies, Alistair becomes next in line for the throne of Nallis, but there is one small problem: he was born with magic, a secret kept from the public for nearly thirty years. In order to change history for his country, King Godric sends his son with two servants – two mages, one from the barbaric tribes of the east, and the other from the Gabal Mountains – away from his home in order to train him with his magic. Unbeknownst to them, the ancient dragon riders of the north have their own plans, and Father Zdravko is plotting a scheme fit only for the Gabal Mages.

The Time Between Synopses


In the first half of the War of the Father, Vincent Henson upholds his alliance to Alistair Wymer of Nallis, and uses his fleet to attack the navies of the Wynd. But something goes wrong, and after a catastrophic wedding Alistair is visited by Henson’s young daughter, the precocious Sophia. In Augustine, a deal is struck on the grounds of the tender treaty between Nallis and Canton, and the fates of many are irrevocably impacted by the wishes of few.


Aisling has been in hiding, she and her daughter doted upon by Leto and Morwenna. But when the two elves are called back to Willowfirth by the Archon, Aisling is made to join them and forced to meet the woman whose childhood she stole: Nesta, the human half of the changeling.

The Border

Teenaged Riane has grown up fatherless and unwanted by all save her mother and godparents. Her mother has never hinted at the identity of her father, but belligerently refuses to ever cross Nallis’ borders again. On a trip to Helmene, Riane risks her mother’s wrath to hike to the border shared with Nallis, where she meets a young man who will forever change her life.

The Letter

Logan Wymer is the Crown Prince of Nallis and sole child of King Alistair Wymer and his queen, Lissandra Burchard. Logan has always been aware of his father’s drunken habits and the odd quirks that accompany it, but after meeting a half-elf in Helmene – a girl with the golden Wymer hair – Alistair’s behaviour becomes more erratic, causing Logan to wonder about his father’s murky past.

The King

After hearing from his son of the Wymer-lookalike abomination found in the woods, Alistair begins to wonder once more of the reasons why Aisling abandoned him on the long-ago night of his coronation. Fortified by whisky and the convincing of his closest friend, Alistair decides to seek out the abomination and solve the mystery, once and for all.

The Mother

Aisling has spent the past fifteen years in hiding and protecting her daughter from her past. But despite all her efforts, she learns that nothing can stop the desperation of a man scorned, of a father who only wants to meet his child, and she is forced to finally confront her past.

Abomination Synopsis

It has been seventeen years since the War of the Father began, thirteen since its anticlimactic finale, and the world has changed. The young King of Nallis, revered for his courage in the war and for the strength of his family name, has become a drunk, barely capable of sitting up in his throne. The woman who made him that way has emerged from hiding but refuses to speak with him except regarding the welfare of the daughter they share.

Riane of Augustine is an abomination, the bastard offspring of a union between an elf and a human. Unwanted and rejected from both worlds, she takes solace with her elven godparents and the human half-brother with whom she shares a father: Logan Wymer, the Crown Prince of Nallis. Together, they decide to take a break from the challenges of their lives, and begin a quest to find a risen corpse rumoured to live in the north, in the haunted Old Lands.

But something is changing beyond the rule of the Southern Kingdoms. In the high north, in the lands of the Willowfirth elves, the wild dragons are becoming restless, and the tender balance of magic in Cyril is weakening. Something dark has twisted and warped the land and those who inhabit it, threatening to plunge it into shadows once more.

Usurper Synopsis

Decades ago, Godric Wymer became King of Nallis after his father abdicated because of suppressed magic. Now, his son Alistair is the king in his stead, and though Alistair and his family are beloved by their people, Godric’s brother is at his doorstep to take back what he believes was wrongfully stolen from his grip.

Though Jameson plays the doting uncle, Alistair suspects he wants to plunge Nallis back into chaos. After nearly one thousand years of illegal magic, Alistair has finally persuaded the Nallisians to appreciate it once more – until mages begin rioting in the streets and burning the capital to the ground.

With Jameson’s scheming, the looming threat of civil war, prophetic nightmares, and juggling his royal family and his bastard family, Alistair must decide what is most important:

Love or loyalty.

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