The Legends of the World

Dear sirs and madams,

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you the findings I have compiled after many years of research. I was commissioned by Lord Dorian Langworth, Headmaster of the Royal University of Auber, to explore our great land and learn more about our vast histories and incredible flora and fauna, and I have done so. Here compiled are the notes I have gathered about the nature of humans, elves, and dwarves; of the intricacies of magic; of dragons, wyverns, griffins, and phoenixes; and of the subtle differences in culture across Cyril, Kriss, Althaea, and Thörstaag.

I hope you find the information from this tome, the Legends of the World, valuable in the everlasting quest for knowledge.



Martin Riker

Martin Riker, Professor of the Royal University of Auber

Information presented in this tome is circa 533 Burchard

Post scriptum—

Listed here are the main bodies of work I think you will find fascinating.

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