Modern recorded time began in Cyril, as did the majority of human history. Years since are recorded by dynasties of great Helmene rulers; there have been four since the beginning of recorded time. The first dynasty began with King Ulrich I Enge. The Enge Dynasty lasted for approximately six hundred years, during which time trade was initiated with Althaea and the Old Helmenian dialect developed into modern Helmenian, which is spoken worldwide. It was also during the Enge Dynasty when Nallis was ruled by mage overlords and highlords. In the year 515 of the Enge Dynasty, the nonmagical nobles and peasants enslaved by the overlords revolted, but failed. The second revolt succeeded, and magic was made illegal in Nallis.

The next was the Albor Dynasty, which lasted about fifty years, and was begun by King William III Albor. Due to the shortness of the dynasty, nothing of real note was recorded in this time.

The third was the Grothaus Dynasty, which lasted about one hundred years, and was begun by King Henry V Grothaus. This dynasty was notable because Cyril began formal trade with the desert continent Kriss, after the finale of a devastating war.

The most recent, and our current era, is the Burchard Dynasty, which has lasted about five hundred years so far, and was begun by King Harold I Burchard. For the first several centuries, bar the occasional war with Canton, this dynasty has been peaceful. However, in the summer of 482, the King of Nallis, Fergus Wymer, was killed in battle against the Canton pirates, and the throne passed to his oldest son, Heinrich. Heinrich abdicated without stating a formal and public reason for his decision, and the throne passed to his son, Godric II Wymer. In the fall of 515, Godric’s eldest son, Edric, was killed in a hunting accident, and the second son, Alistair, was made heir. It was made public that Alistair had inherited magical tendencies from a female ancestor, and Godric made an effort to have him formally trained rather than force him to abdicate as his grandfather had. This ties in with the most notable piece of history so far in the Burchard Dynasty: After his coronation, Alistair I Wymer fought to make legal magic in Nallis. Though as of publication of this tome he has not succeeded, magic has been decriminalized in Nallis, and public executions of mages is increasingly rarer.

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