Purity was started long ago, and was one of my first real works of full-length fiction featuring vampires and werewolves and all that urban fantasy goodness. When Twilight was unleashed upon the unsuspecting world, I began to hate what vampires had become, and convicted Purity to hard drive imprisonment. Thanks to outside help and several years stewing in the recesses of my brain, Purity is enjoying its own revival.

Purity is now available for purchase onΒ Amazon,Β Smashwords,Β Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books, all for $4.99.


Caitlyn is a bright, headstrong girl with a twisted past she unconsciously smothers into lost memories. When she is only eleven, she is kidnapped by her father’s business rival in hopes of giving up much-needed information. Refusing to talk – and knowing nothing of use – she is placed in the Silver Room, a desperate man’s sinister torture chamber, where she meets the monsters who inhabit her nightmares.

A lifetime later, on an innocent summer vacation to her paternal relatives in Romania’s notorious province Transylvania, these memories return in a flood when she meets strangers with an aversion to sunlight and bloodstained smiles.

As prisoner to a condemned prince, Caitlyn becomes privy to an underground world where myth and nightmare are all too real, and where at every turn, a new threat emerges.

With dogs waging war and men bent on bloodshed, Caitlyn must team up with the unlikeliest of people to save what is theirs, while standing on the precipice of destruction.

8 thoughts on “Purity

  1. Waiting despite misgivings about vampire stories thanks to Meyer and others for ruining those awesomely scary critters reputation. I hope the finished work is as good if not better.

    One more drop of blood from the wound
    Another step to heaven
    Splashing the soil where my saints all fell,
    On the road to perdition.
    My wing is broken,
    The other raised to the sky.
    Shield hanging low
    Armor fallen golden and torn
    Spear stolen, lost to my doom.
    Heels of clay doomed to fly no more.
    Fangs barred like the gates long lost,
    Silvery moons and darker souls
    they wait in my embrace.
    “Will you draw close? Or will you run?”
    my eyes ask hooded and dark
    Run rabbit Run,
    I dare you.

    1. I’m trying my darndest to make Purity unique, because Twilight definitely killed vampires for me. That’s why I’m sticking closer to world lore and adding more than just vampires and werewolves. Plus I can actually tell a story, unlike Meyer. Hopefully it all turns out!

      Excellent poem, too. It’s beautiful :3

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