Hairventures: 2012: August – October

August 2012 (2)


In August, Suzanne and I did something never done before: we went blonde. This took a bit of pushing to get me to do it (that being said, it’s not a lot of pushing compared to most). When she first suggested blonde, I thought she meant dark blonde. She corrected me and said we should go white blonde.

So we did. Continue reading

Hairventures: 2012: March – August

March 2012Following the same theme of red and block colours as the end of 2011, the beginning of 2012 brought about a red and purple jaw-length bob. The picture looks blue, I know, but I swear to God it was purple. It looked mostly black irl, too; I can’t win with this thing

The care and keeping of this bob was exactly the same as the last one. The trouble with purple is, of course, that it washes out ridiculously fast. When it faded though, it was just a nice natural coppery all around, rather than turning some weird shade that was the remains of the purple. Continue reading