Writing workshop: Day 2


Several weeks ago, I attended a weekend long writing workshop at the local college, presided over by Gail Anderson-Dargatz (The Cure For Death By Lightning). It was a neat experience, to be sure, listening to the opinions of one of Canada’s most well known literary authors. However, after the two days, it turned out I knew most of the things we discussed, and I’m already doing things right in terms of getting my name out there, but I’m going to quickly cover some of the things we discussed. Here, I’ll copy down the meagre notes I took and add on to the ones that I found particularly relevant. Hopefully one of you will find it as helpful as I did!

On day two of the writing workshop, we talked about YA and kid lit (though I didn’t attend that part) and promotion for publication of your novel (which I did attend because I have a brain). So now I’ll share my notes and thoughts about the promotion.  Continue reading

That’s a healthy piece of real estate

I’m a featured writer!

An incredible artist and aspiring author, Jo, is starting a weekly feature on her blog celebrating authors, both published and unpublished writers. It showcases who the author is, their inspirations and history writing, and much more. It’s open to any and all – so if you want to get out there, and expand your audience, you should definitely talk to Jo and get yourself featured.

I was honoured when she asked me to be her first feature. So here it is, the article in which I am a featured author. Take a gander, see a bit more about why I write what I do and maybe see an updated photo of me, since WordPress is out of date, and next week, see what other authors are getting out in the world of writing 🙂

Thanks, Jo. It was an honour.