I’m back!

I know, I know.

This absence has been atrocious.


Let me explain.

Last summer, I came to realize that the battery of my trusty laptop was dying. Easy enough, right? I went to the local computer shop, ordered a new battery, and went on with my life. Then I installed the Witcher 3 – a newer game on my older computer (the computer turned five this past November) that I expected to run on high settings like it did for other games, not realizing the grave error of my ways.

The intake for the fan was on the left side. The outtake was on the right. The plugin for the AC adapter was also on the right. So it got really hot as the computer struggled to keep up with the high graphics settings of the Witcher and overheated the plug.

So, while the computer still technically works, I don’t want to work on a technicality. I have been without a computer since last, oh, September?




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GUIZ! My computer is home!

Gah! My computer is finally home, and no longer looks like it ever lit on fire!

So, y’know, that’s really exciting.

I missed it turribly.

In other news, while it was down for the count, I had an idea for a short story/novella in the Changeling universe. I started writing it by hand, which is a battle and a half, so now that I have a computer again, it’ll be typed up and glorious. It was inspired by the fact that I’m editing Changeling right now, and I realized a new character had no choice but to be added to the timeline before the novel begins.

So this short story/novella is going to be about said character and their relationship with the others we already know and love.

That’s sort of the biggest update on my life. Once I’m settled in and up to date with my beloved, I’ll do a proper entry.



Three cheers to the people of Asus!

My computer is back, barely two weeks after the incident happened, and only a week and a bit after I sent it in. It’s all fixed – the adapter broke, so the problem was purely physical and no documents were lost or harmed. Now we can go back to regular updates and hairventures, and writing teasers!


The people I talked to at Asus were super helpful and friendly, and I had zero issue sending the predator drone back in to get fixed. I also thought they had fixed my glitchy V key, but nope, it’s still all funky and full of character.

I hugged the box when I got it back. I can mange just fine without technology, but I really do love my computer. Very much so.

Anything exciting happen when I was away?

An update on computers and monkeys

So, first things first: my computer broke last Saturday. It’s a physical problem, so the files are fine, but it’s been sent back to Asus for repairs. The hairventures are adjourned until it’s back. I might be able to do a few random posts here and there on my phone or someone else’s computer, so I won’t vanish this time, like when I lost the internet a few months back.

In other news, yesterday was my birthday! Exciting as that is. So that was good. I got a very delightful dress that I will share when I get a chance.

And so, I will leave this update with a photo of a monkey dramatically bursting forth from the sea like a model.



I’ve been away for a coon’s age! Or at least it feels that way. I haven’t had access to my computer in a few weeks, because of reasons. I still had internet access, but only through my iPod so I couldn’t exactly update the old blog all up on there. So lately I’ve been reading a lot, socializing some, and playing a lot of Draw Something (play with me!)

Unfortunately, being without my computer meant that not a lot of writing was accomplished. There was a few thousand maybe written in my leatherbound notebook for Abomination (the tentative title of the Changeling sequel I’ve started) so  Continue reading

The predator drone is here, for finally!

Big news: My new computer arrived today. Thank you, newegg and Purolator. It’s an Asus, with all that fun graphics stuff that I need for gaming. Because you know what? I bought this notebook for the sole purpose of playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I originally preordered it for the xbox, but I then realized that because it’s in my favourite game series, and I care, it would obviously be better played on a PC. So this happened. I have 8 gigs of RAM, a 560M video card, i7 Intel inside quad core, and too much memory to handle. I’m set for Skyrim.

This is a big deal. My already minor social life is going to vanish entirely. Yay! 😀

Once Steam has a sale, I’ll be buying the Sims 3, because I am still a girl, and I need to quell the badassery with some simple-minded gaming. Which is still very exciting.

Oh, Asus.

I am now part of the Republic of Gamers, lolol.

Beaut. I have MS Word, my current writing documents, Google Chrome, all my drivers and antivirus software, and all I need now is for msn to finish installing, and I’ll be set until Friday, when I pick up the collector’s edition of Skyrm that I preordered in January.

I don’t want to go to work! I just want to game! D:

And to make it extra special and shnazzy, it looks like a stealth bomber. So it’s name is predator drone.

And it’s snowing. Ew. But, all the more reason to stay inside on my new computer!