Dominant Race: a book review

Lilia is a genetically altered human – a modified – with special animal instincts and abilities. She is half wolf and half human under the microscope, and it shows in her territorial pack mentality.

When Lilia learns about a growing threat against all modified, she leaves home for the first time to join a militia that, like her and her family, survive in the fragmented remnants of the United States, the Old People country.

Their enemies?  The Eighth General of the Greater Cities and the ever-expanding devolved, degenerate modified that are mindless killers, blind instinct and rage in human form.  When a coup occurs in the First City, Lilia and the other defenders must choose: help reinstate a government in the business of killing their kind, or defend a radical modified in the business of killing everyone else?

Dominant Race is a novella by Elisa Nuckle, available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, with Apple to come. It’s only $2.99, and it’s a steal for something so enjoyable.

In a not-so-distant future, scientists and experiments have created a race of modified humans, those who have animal DNA mixed in with human. The main character, Lilia, is a wolf modified, living a sheltered life with her family in the ruins of North America. Although the strength of the animal DNA varies with each individual, Lilia’s wolflike characteristics are strong, and it shows in the way she behaves with others.

Throughout the course of the story, she has to learn the hardships of leaving home, discover a whole new world she never expected – and all the joys and difficulties that come with it – and doing what is right in the face of oppression and prejudice. It isn’t an easy path – when is it ever? – but the style of writing and the emotion evoked will leave you laughing, in tears, and desperately wanting more.

Dominant Race is dystopian science-fiction like nothing else; completely unique, with a cast of characters readers will fall in love with – and love to hate. I’m not just saying this because I’m friends with the author: Dominant Race is well worth the read, and since it’s only $2.99, how can you possibly go wrong?

The start of July is life-changing

For several reasons. One is that my friend Elisa Nuckle self-published her novella Dominant Race (which I will do a full review of later), and it’s definitely worth buying. Only $2.99, so it’s a steal for something so good!

Another is that I got my reply from Tor, re: Of the Arbour. It was rejected, of course – nobody gets published on their first try – but it was a great experience for me. I know the process now, and I won’t be so anxious and uptight next time I try. Because I will keep trying – I’m not going to give up after a single rejection. The Help had 50-something rejections before it was published. I want OtArb to be published traditionally, and I’ll fight for it.

The only thing that bothered me was how impersonal it all is, but that’s to be expected too.

And today, the tension between us and our neighbours, building up over the course of my entire life, finally came to an explosive end when their hellspawn dog finally pushed partway through the fence, grabbed our dog – a miniature poodle – by the face and yanked him. Our dog needed 14 stitches and surgery, costing over $500. One of the owners of the dog footed the bill and had the dog removed – though we aren’t certain what that really means – so I guess this ridiculous saga is at an end.

This is why I like cats.

To console him, I told our dog that he’s going to have facial scars, and bitches love facial scars.

Never mind that he’s a eunich and I’m pretty sure he’s for dudes.

I’m also 50 000-odd words into the Purity rewrite, and enjoying it so far. Next post will be a full review of Dominant Race, then after that maybe I’ll post more on Purity to give everyone more of  a taste.

Is anyone else’s July as eventful?