Bananas are good

Has something ever just grabbed you without warning and refused to let go?

I mean, other than a person, or leech, or something.

I kept seeing references to Doctor Who all over the internet for years, and though I had a basic understanding of the show – time travel, blue box, daleks – I had never seen an episode.

So once Netflix Canada got the revamped version – 9, 10, and 11 – I decided now was the time.

And dear fuck.

I powered through 9’s season. Was dubious starting 10, because I love 9, but a half hour in was already madly in love with 10 in other news, I would totally have David Tennant’s scruffy Scottish babies. I finished season two. “Rose Tyler, I–” made me bawl like a child. Powered through Martha and Donna. Then slowed it down a little because I knew I was nearing the end of 10’s reign. Gave in. Finished it. Started 11. Now I’m forcing myself to slow ‘er down a little, so I don’t run out of show to watch – though there is Classic Who and Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Chronicles, too.

2013 was the Year of Star Trek.

I spent most of the summer watching the Next Generation.

2014 is the Year of the Doctor.

How am I ever going to have a life again?


i won’t