Hairventures: 2010

January 2010

2010 was one year I did great things with my hair. January, as seen above, started out with the aftershocks of 2009, when I began growing it out. Here is the longest it has been since I first cut it in grade 8. These are my natural curls and cowlicks in all their glory, and my natural brown interspersed with a few lingering streaks of orange. I actually really like this picture, because it highlights how nice my natural curls could sometimes turn out and it showcases just how cool I am.

Then came May, and the entire reason I grew out my hair for the past year.

May 2010


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Hairventures: 2009

June 2009


September 2009 (2)


2009 was a very dull year in terms of hairventures. That being said, this is probably a typical year for most people. After dyeing the top part red at the beginning of the year, I just let it grow out. The dye faded and grew out, and I just let it be. I was letting my hair get long for bigger and better things.

Next: 2010. Was 2009 even really worth a post?

Hairventures: 2008: June – September

June 2008

June of 2008 brought about the first of my major hairventure changes. The first major j-rock style was in, and it was dyed the first unnatural colour. My whole head wasn’t blue; the bottom layers were left brown, while we dyed the top and spikes blue. It was jagged, straight, and long in the front and sides, and short and spiked up in the back, in classic j-rock style.

I loved this haircut. Blue was so much fun to work with, despite being one of those “fades quickly” colours.

Upkeep for this was much the same for my previous styles. Definite use of the White Sands spray, blow dryers and straighteners. It was about the same amount of work as my first haircut in 2008, only with shorter hair.  Continue reading

Hairventures: 2006/2007


Before high school, my hair was plain. I did nothing exciting with it. It was black, because I was thoughtful and dark, a bit greasy because I was still a thoughtless adolescent, and plain and long, kept in a perpetual ponytail with side bangs.


Then high school hit, and I decided to change things up. The first thing we did was cut it shorter than it had been since I was a much smaller child. It was a bob, cut just around the jawline, with a blunt fringe that just touched my eyes. This worked well because at the time I wore contacts and the hair didn’t get into my glasses.

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Hairventures: The Beginning

If there’s one thing to know about me, other than that I write and that I love Star Wars, it’s probably that I have a compulsion to take my hair to extreme levels. I’m known at work by the customers because of my hair. People I’ve known all my life might see me one month with, say, long brown and orange curly hair, and the next month with dreadlocks. I’m a chameleon, basically. One friend’s mother, who I see on a fairly frequent basis, said that my hair is different every time she sees me.

I dyed it the first time when I was 8; I got blonde streaks that we ended up hating because the woman did a terrible job, and we dyed brown over top, that being my natural hair colour. The next time I dyed it, I was 12 and we dyed it black. And ever since then, it’s just been a constant stream of new hair ideas. Continue reading

I am returned!

I went to Black Diamond, Alberta, on Friday through Monday for my nephew’s birthday party. Black Diamond is puny, around 2500 people, and is about an hour from Calgary, just fyi. My nephew turned three, and he is indisputably the cutest kid in the world. Ask anyone.

If you know anything about Alberta, you’ll know that it is obscenely cold about 8 months of the year. Even if it’s a decent temperature, there are freezing glacial winds weeping across the prairie. Last year for said nephew’s birthday, it was snowy and cold – Alberta cold is deadly for most people; it stops being cold around -10 C (14 F) for them. We had to stay inside and bundle up to go around town.

This year for the birthday, it was the most fucked up weather ever. Alberta Aprils are cold. Except this one. It was in the high 20s the entire time – we went to a restaurant in town and their thermometre, in the shade, said it was around 32 C (~90 F). That, my friends, is way too fucking hot. Sweltering. We were outside the entire time, and I got a sunburn.

We had to take advantage of it. It’ll probably snow next week. But it was good that it was so hot, because nephew got his very own bouncy castle for his birthday, the spoiled brat, and adults can fit on it. So I got to play on a bouncy castle, ftw.

In other news, I saw the doctor to renew a prescription, and while he was putting everything in order, I basically said, “While I’ve got you here, there’s something weird on my hand.” I started to explain what it was, and about all I said was that I had itchy bumps, and all he had to do was take that and give my hand the most sparing of glances to determine that it is, in fact, eczema.

I have a scaly hand. Yuck.

He thinks it’s from excessive hand washing. He asked if I do it obsessively, and my automatic answer was no, but then I thought about it and yeah, I kind of do obsessively wash my hands. If I touch something that looks even remotely dirty, it’s off to the sink with me. It doesn’t help that I work in customer service and we touch horrible money and dirty things, and use cleaning supplies constantly.

So not only do I have doctor’s orders to keep from slouching, which is horrible habit for me, but I have doctor’s orders to keep from washing my hands so much. I’ll have filthy, non-itchy hands. I have cortisone cream, but he says it thins skin – plus it’ll pump me full of steroids and I’ll get roid rage, hurrhurr – so I can’t use it constantly.

Also, there’s a store in Calgary called Blame Betty, which is basically modern alternative pin-up clothes and accessories. I adore fashion of the 1940s and 1950s, so this was a dream come true. We got there late, but they were kind enough to stay open a little longer so we could shop. I got two dresses – which confirmed my obsession with polka dots,  as they are each such a pattern – in a full skirt halter style, each with sweetheart necklines. One is periwinkle and the other is light pink (I wanted seafoam green – which my sister and I renamed dead mermaid green – but they were out in my size). I can’t wear halter tops due to my freak boobs and lack of appropriate brassieres, so I’m going to have to alter them, which is fine. I’ll maybe post pictures once they’re all set. I luv them. Blame Betty is amazing.

And such is an update on my life. This time you get a teaser. I can’t keep boring you with my inane comments on mundane life.

Finally, a New Years resolution

Or rather, a dressolution. I’m clever.

Here we are, at the end of February, and I’ve finally thought of something that I’d like to do this year, rather like a New Years resolution. As was seen a few posts ago, I got a vintage style dress on, but because girls these days don’t often just wear dresses and skirts without making it a special occasion, I wondered when I’d wear it. So that’s my resolution.

I used to despise high heels, dresses, skirts, you name it. Back in the day, when I would only wear jeans and sneakers and t-shirts. I still love all those things, but I’ve grown up a bit since then, and now I love wearing my four inch heels whenever I can. But skirts always seemed a little iffy to me.

I’ve decided to just start wearing skirts and dresses as a regular every day item. This is not something I do, so it’s going to be stepping out of my comfort zone. But I pine for the lost days when girls would wear skirts and dresses just as regular garments, and not for a night out. The 1940s, 50s, and early 60s; basically, the Mad Men era, is a time I wish I knew personally.

On Saturday, rather than don a smarmy t-shirt and jeans for work, I got patterned tights, a navy blue skirt, and a cozy grey sweater, with black flats. Not fancy, but I just wanted to wear a skirt. My coworkers made the obligatory remarks when a girl is wearing a skirt during the day, but all in all it was good. Then on Sunday, I decided to wear my new dress, with a blue cardigan and sneakers. It was thebest.

I learned why dresses are better than pants. Why did jeans become so prevalent? Because when we were cleaning the bottom shelves, I could just crouch and do it, rather than awkwardly bend and fiddle with the hem of my shirt so my pants don’t fall down and expose my arse to the book shopping community. It was just so much  easier, and because dresses tend to make girls feel pretty, it was just an all ’round great idea.

My next day off, I’m going to Value Village, and I’m going to find plain blouses and skirts, and I need to go to the shoe stores and find Oxfords (not just to wear with skirts rather than heels or sneakers, but I’ve always wanted a pair), and I’m going to get the ball rolling.

What do you all think? Do girls just wear dresses and skirts as an everyday fashion choice where you live? Or are pants the fall-back item?

Me, I feel liberated. Girls don’t have to wear pants. They certainly hadn’t up until this last century. Why stop now?