Halloween 2015


Let it go, let it go…

Happy Halloween, internet! Or day after, whatever.

Being that Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year, if not my absolute favourite (the proof is in the proverbial pudding, as seen on last year’s monstrous post), what would 2015 be without a post celebrating this most spooky day?

This year, my costume thoughts went through some serious changes, and I didn’t have an absolute idea until a few weeks before Halloween itself. First, I wanted to be Team Rocket, because my partner’s name is James and why would I not pass that up. Then, after I got him watching a bit of Doctor Who, he suggested we be the Doctor and Rose (both of which we’re absolutely doing at some point). But when we found out he would be at work for Halloween, I was stumped. My friend Lexi was potentially going as Lana Cane from Archer, so it was an idea that I would be coke-addicted Pam from the same show. It would be a fun character, but not much of a costume, especially after last year’s epic toast to nerddom.

weeping angel
Weeping Angel, from Halloween 2014

So, when the Archer costumes were not coming together as planned, and as I got elbow-deep in playing the Legend of Zelda again since James and I got an N64 and I found Ocarina of Time, I decided I should do something from that, as an homage to my favourite childhood game. For whatever reason, I skipped the idea of being Zelda or Saria or like character entirely, and went straight for the jugular:

I should be the Great Fairy.

image from http://zeldawiki.org
image from http://zeldawiki.org

You may be wondering about the picture of me as Elsa heading the post. That was my costume for work, since, you’ll note, the Great Fairy is pretty much naked. Unlike Halloweens past, I wasn’t working at the bookstore this year, but in the deli of a health food grocery store. Different levels of appropriate, there, especially working in the deli. But being Elsa was still fun; a lady called me Elsa, and another was so excited and wished her daughters were there to see. I made a Disney-loving coworker cry and beg for pictures with me. So it was great.

But after work, the real fun began.





With Lexi’s help, I glued fake ivy and leaves to two sets of nude shapewear, and altered a Poison Ivy wig (if and when I reuse this in the future, I’ll be getting a better wig for it; this was the best I could find on short notice). Unlike last year’s glorious craftsmanship, this was super easy to do, and probably took six hours total to complete.

But it was so much fun ūüėÄ

How was everyone else’s Halloween? What did you dress up as? Tell me everything – it is the most magical day of the year, after all!

Doge, Doctor Who, Triforce, Green Lantern, SHIELD


jack o lantern


If there’s one thing to know about me – other than being a writer and liking cats, or something – it’s that my favourite day of the year is¬†Halloween.

In 2011 and 2012, I did Halloween posts here, but for whatever reason I totally forgot to do a post for 2013 – which is a shame, because it was a good one.

First, let me do a little backstory, here:

Like I said, Halloween is my favourite day of the year, chopping down my birthday and Christmas. I love the idea of dressing up. Costumes – the bigger and better – make me giddy. I love dressing up myself, I love dressing up my house, I love seeing what children are dressed up as. Everything about it makes me so happy. I wish it was Halloweek because one day just isn’t enough for me.

So, because of this, I like to go hard for Halloween.

Before I delve into this year, here are some examples of Halloween costumes past:
2008: Pregnant Nun 

This is me comparing my bump to that of my pregnant French teacher. Mine is much larger than hers, as is abundantly clear. Though I didn’t compete in the school costume contest (which I regret, as I probably would have won¬†something), everyone who passed me had something to say about my costume – and 98% of those comments were praising my twisted creativity. To this day, this is one of my favourites.


2009: William Wallace


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image from http://www.jaysbrewing.com

Ding dong!

Little steps, bandaged by a wiggle skirt. A bowl full of goodies, bristling with myriad sugar-induced comas.

Trick or treat!

A witch’s cackle. The laughter of children.

Happy Halloween!

Thank you, but painted faces fall as little red boxes rattle into outstretched pillow cases.

The door shuts. The bowl sets down, awaiting the next gaggle of zombies, mummies, and black cats.

A thud. A crack. A splotch of yellow and white spilling down the windows.

Oh, those little savages!

A sigh. The rustle of newspaper. You shouldn’t have given them raisins, dear.

Purity: a love story

A tentative but less tentative than before release date for PURITY has been decided upon:


OCTOBER 25, 2013

A week¬†or so before Halloween, Purity will be released and available on AMAZON. At a later date will come Apple Books and Barnes & Noble¬†admittedly because I am fresh and new at this self-publishing thing and don’t want to overwhelm myself. Judge me not.

I am eternally blessed to be able to show my passion to the world. Though, if I’m going to be perfectly honest, I’m a very odd mixture of terrified and over-the-moon excited to do this. Maybe because I’m still technically editing her. But no matter.

In two weeks, Purity will be available on Amazon.

Wow, I am the worst at blogging

I was doing so well for a while there, too.

But let me list excuses why I’ve been neglecting you¬†forgive me:

  • James was back in town
  • I had one health crisis‚ÄĒ
  • ‚ÄĒfollowed by another
  • On my two days off this week, I played probably 24 hours total of Dragon Age: Origins
  • and got no writing done whatsoever
  • Star Trek TNG
  • Preparing for Halloween
  • Work
  • I sometimes have a social life
  • I played a¬†lot¬†of Dragon Age

So I’m going to try blogging on a regular basis again, and pick my lazy ass off the floor. I’m also going to try to push past this strange laziness of putting off Abominatino, and I’m going to go hard editing Purity, because I still intend to release her around Halloween, and that’s coming up soon. September and October are going to be busy months, so I’m going to be sporadic, but less so.


A tentative Purity release date

JP Marshman - Purity - Book Cover


An update on my little vampire ditty, Purity:

Though she is still in the process of being edited, I have tentatively decided on a release date.  If everything goes to plan, she will be for sale to the public a week or so before Halloween 2013.

Around October 20 or October 24, Purity will be available for purchase.

So hopefully everything goes according to plan. Once I have a more concrete idea when exactly the publication date will be, I will inform you all.

I’m very much looking forward to this, especially with that gorgeous cover.

Halloween 2012

Happy post-Halloween, blogosphere! What did everyone do this year? Party hardy, trick-or-treat, dress up? I want to know!

Some of you may remember my Halloween post from last year, in which I explained the DVA treat trail and my very successful Amy Winehouse getup. This year, I was working on Halloween and thus once again participated in the dressing up and treat trail, and it was, oh, so fun.

In honour of one of my favourite movies, maybe not just of the year but of all time, the Hunger Games, I dressed up as the outrageous and colourful Effie Trinket!

And may the odds be ever in your favour.

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All hallows’ eve!

Happy Halloween, everyone in the blogosphere! Did you dress up? Trick or treat? Party hardy?

Me, I worked all weekend, so no partying. And it’s socially unacceptable for an adult to trick or treat without a child in tow, so I didn’t do that.

But I did dress up, and I technically handed out candy Рat my workplace. Every year downtown, the DVA (Downtown Vernon Association) hosts a trick or treat trail: where businesses put balloons in front of their stores marking them as part of the trail, and they give out candy and fliers and stuff to kids who come in dressed up. So, I dressed up, went to work, and handed out candy to the wee ones who came in. It was so cute, and so much fun.

And who, you may ask, did I dress up as this year? You may remember I was William Wallace last year, and I have a penchant for being people, not things.

Well, this year, I was the immortal no, wait, that’s not right¬†Amy Winehouse!











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Moose are pretty cool

Watching the news. There are moose. Hence the title.

I was at the coast, in Vancouver, over the weekend, for my cousin’s wife’s baby shower, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll just say my cousin’s baby shower. Tha and Jason, the latter being my cousin and the former being his wife (pronounced Ta, by the way). It was precious. She’s too adorable for words, and her being pregnant is extra cute. They’ll have the most preciousest baby ever once it’s born. Except it has to contend with three Dobermans, one of which is spawned of Hell.

Being in Vancouver has its benefits. I wouldn’t want to live there – at least not right now – because it’s just too big, but it is home to one of the finest malls I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. This being Metrotown. Metrotown was a nice treat, because I got to spend my mother’s money on girly things! Bras, bags, food, and almost oxblood Oxfords, except they were just too expensive. And I tried on lululemons. That’s never happened before. They made my bottom look quite delightful. So I might have to spray tan and bleach my hair and wear them constantly, like other stereotypical girls who wear them. Since I’m a girl who wears jeans. Always.

There’s an update on my life, exciting as it may be.

In moar exhilarating news! I’m continuing effort on Of the Arena, the sequel to Of the Arbour. I’m just about to hit the climax, and I’m very excited for it. There are two more major battles to write, and then the actual ending itself. Hopefully it’ll all turn out swell. Time for me to stretch my emotional muscles and ready for tears, since one of the semimajor characters will be dying, and I want reactions, people! And the final battle as well; there will be no triumph. This is me continuing my plan with Of the Arbour and siblings by breaking traditional fantasy cliches. So far, I think it’s worked.

It’s almost Halloween. I’m so excited. I’ll post an image of my costume once it’s all said and done. Love Halloween :3

WARNING: Minor inappropriateness ahead.

Guess who I was last Halloween!

I’m being another person this year. And I am so excited. Mostly because I get to dress up for work. It’s going to be absolutely splendid :3

There’s an update on my oh-so-exciting life. Enjoy. I’ll be back later with more teasers and clips, most likely, and an update for Halloween.