Oh dear.

It seems I have been absent a long time.

Though excuses are silly, I shall give them all the same:

  • It was December, which means it’s the busiest time of the year where I work: ie, retail.
  • Also Christmas, which involved lots of running around to see the in-laws.
  • Then New Years. Though I guess that’s just the one day.
  • For two weeks, the partner and I were in Cuba. We just got home this past weekend.

Excuses excuses, amirite?

I’ve got about ten books I need to review, so I’m building a stack that keeps glaring me in the face whenever I walk past. I also need to update my hairventures, though I’ll say it has been boring lately – just blonde, no style, because I’m waiting for it to grow out some for the biggest adventure yet.

Now that the new year is officially underway, however, I plan on updating regularly again. Writing group is meeting up (tonight at my house, incidentally) so I’ll have flash fiction to post, and book reviews, and hair, and yada yada yada.

Soon I’ll throw a proper update on here 😀



Hey, blogosphere. Merry belated Christmas! How was it for everyone? Full of joy and festivity and family fun?

Me, I had two Christmases. First time ever for that. On Christmas morning, I went to my mother’s and had family time, then today for Boxing Day I went to James’ family’s house after some very brief deal shopping (all I bought were ski pants so I don’t have to wear tearaways or snowboard pants whenever I want to go cross country skiing). I’ve always wanted to own the Tudors tv show, ever since watching it a few years ago and that bastard, Netflix, removed it from the stream. So my mother got me all four seasons in a box set. James got me a house coat that’s designed like R2-D2, because, hey, turns out I really like Star Wars. My brother got me a hardcover compilation of the Mass Effect comics, as well as a bottle of Grey Monk wine. Grown up gifts!



It didn’t feel like Christmas this year to me. It was a green, foggy Christmas – and I grew up with white Christmases, where we had so much so we could build tunnels through it. We had a bit of snowfall this year, but then it rained and melted most of it, then iced over. And we were hardcore pea soup fogged in this year, which I’ve never encountered before. I think that, and that my house wasn’t decorated, nor was James’, had something to do with the fact that it didn’t feel like Christmas. And besides, Christmas is more for kids than it is adults.

I guess that means I’m an adult now.


Something to ponder.

How was everyone else’s Christmas (or other holiday they might celebrate!)?

All hallows’ eve!

Happy Halloween, everyone in the blogosphere! Did you dress up? Trick or treat? Party hardy?

Me, I worked all weekend, so no partying. And it’s socially unacceptable for an adult to trick or treat without a child in tow, so I didn’t do that.

But I did dress up, and I technically handed out candy – at my workplace. Every year downtown, the DVA (Downtown Vernon Association) hosts a trick or treat trail: where businesses put balloons in front of their stores marking them as part of the trail, and they give out candy and fliers and stuff to kids who come in dressed up. So, I dressed up, went to work, and handed out candy to the wee ones who came in. It was so cute, and so much fun.

And who, you may ask, did I dress up as this year? You may remember I was William Wallace last year, and I have a penchant for being people, not things.

Well, this year, I was the immortal no, wait, that’s not right Amy Winehouse!











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