My Sundays are booked solid

I don’t normally watch a lot of tv. I’ll keep it on while I’m in the living room on my computer, even though I’ll usually be listening to music, only because I’m like an old person in that I like the company. Or a dog in that I like the movement. It’s nice.

When I do watch tv, it’s because Seinfeld reruns are on, or American Dad, Family Guy, Futurama, the Dating Guy, etc. I like stupid tv, as is painfully obvious.

But recently, my mother and I watched the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones straight through twice, and when we realized season two was starting we panicked. We didn’t have HBO, know anyone close to who had HBO, and we couldn’t wait to stream or buy season 2. So, an hour before it started, we subscribed to HBO. desperation, amirite?

Season 5 of Mad Men started a few weeks ago as well. We watched it at 7, then GoT at 8, and all was well.

I really really really really really enjoy history and historical fiction; this is exemplified by my adoration of the Borgia reign in Italy at the beginning of the Renaissance. Cesare Borgia is one of my favourite historical figures, up there with Napoleon Bonaparte. So I recently downloaded the first season of the Borgias tv show (and the most beautiful French Canadian actor Francois Arnaud plays Cesare, so this is like a historical hard-on for me) and finished watching just in time for season 2 to start.

Now, my Sundays are booked. Nobody gets me on Sundays until good-tv-season is over. The Borgias at 7, GoT at 8, and Mad Men at 9 – otherwise the Borgias and Mad Men would coincide.

Cesare Borgia, Jon Snow, Don Draper. Can Sundays get any better?

The answer is no.

A resounding no.

Despite being a cardinal with a pope for a father, Cesare goes out of his way to give bedroom eyes to his sister, and pick up chicks like nobody's business.

Finally, a New Years resolution

Or rather, a dressolution. I’m clever.

Here we are, at the end of February, and I’ve finally thought of something that I’d like to do this year, rather like a New Years resolution. As was seen a few posts ago, I got a vintage style dress on, but because girls these days don’t often just wear dresses and skirts without making it a special occasion, I wondered when I’d wear it. So that’s my resolution.

I used to despise high heels, dresses, skirts, you name it. Back in the day, when I would only wear jeans and sneakers and t-shirts. I still love all those things, but I’ve grown up a bit since then, and now I love wearing my four inch heels whenever I can. But skirts always seemed a little iffy to me.

I’ve decided to just start wearing skirts and dresses as a regular every day item. This is not something I do, so it’s going to be stepping out of my comfort zone. But I pine for the lost days when girls would wear skirts and dresses just as regular garments, and not for a night out. The 1940s, 50s, and early 60s; basically, the Mad Men era, is a time I wish I knew personally.

On Saturday, rather than don a smarmy t-shirt and jeans for work, I got patterned tights, a navy blue skirt, and a cozy grey sweater, with black flats. Not fancy, but I just wanted to wear a skirt. My coworkers made the obligatory remarks when a girl is wearing a skirt during the day, but all in all it was good. Then on Sunday, I decided to wear my new dress, with a blue cardigan and sneakers. It was thebest.

I learned why dresses are better than pants. Why did jeans become so prevalent? Because when we were cleaning the bottom shelves, I could just crouch and do it, rather than awkwardly bend and fiddle with the hem of my shirt so my pants don’t fall down and expose my arse to the book shopping community. It was just so much  easier, and because dresses tend to make girls feel pretty, it was just an all ’round great idea.

My next day off, I’m going to Value Village, and I’m going to find plain blouses and skirts, and I need to go to the shoe stores and find Oxfords (not just to wear with skirts rather than heels or sneakers, but I’ve always wanted a pair), and I’m going to get the ball rolling.

What do you all think? Do girls just wear dresses and skirts as an everyday fashion choice where you live? Or are pants the fall-back item?

Me, I feel liberated. Girls don’t have to wear pants. They certainly hadn’t up until this last century. Why stop now?