Finally, an update

Hey, interwebz.

Sorry I’ve been missing for the past month or so. It’s been a crazy few weeks. First, James came home from work after a month in Nunavut, and I usually miss the internet for a while when he’s home.  Plus, while he was home, I moved. Jumped from my amazing basement suite with my amazing landlords, into the townhouse where James lives. So now we’re living together! How thrilling.

Now that he’s back to work, I’ve been busy working and organizing the house. On top of that, my best friend is getting married on Saturday and I’m a bridesmaid. Last minute preparations are insane.

I’ve also been rereading my favourite series, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, in preparation to read the eighth book in the series that came out earlier in June. In the past few weeks I’ve read five and a half monster sized books. Maybe I’ll do a review of the first, just to stick something in here.

And! I’m holding another contest on my Facebook page for a free copy of my book, PURITY. Pop on over and check it out 😀

236 Sarsons Drive: an essay on Home



I am poor at conveying verbally how I’m feeling. Stoic is a good word to describe me, I think, when it comes to emotions. If hormones are high—if people are crying, especially—I have a tendency to tense up and be unable to communicate. I don’t share how I’m feeling aloud. I can’t share how I’m feeling aloud. I think that’s one of the reasons I have such a hard time telling people I love them.

So let me write it, instead.

Despite all the hardships I have endured—and trust me, there are plenty—over the course of my twenty short years, I have only experienced heartfelt loss twice. Circumstances forced me to grow up faster than I wanted to, but even that couldn’t prepare me for the blow of loss. Continue reading

guiz, I moved!

I’ve moved, officially! It’s the first ever time, and I’m all by my lonesome. It’s a basement suite, same town I’ve always lived in, but it’s just me. This pleases me, because I am a solitary person. I can put things where I like – like putting my Alduin statue right next to the tv, or all my Star Wars movies on wall shelves – and I can shop for just what I need. Two days here and I’ve already developed a habit of not closing doors when nekkid.

Responsibility and independence suit me, I think. This is going to be a good time.

However, not all my books fit on my bookshelf. That’s so far the only real problem here. Too much entertainment!

In any case, now that I’m for the most part settled in, writing will once again resume, provided I can roll over this little bump of writer’s block. Also, hairventures. Those too.

Gah, time to be a busy bee.

Apologies and junk

First off, my sincerest apologies for not being around much lately. As per the fairly recent blog about moving, you may have guessed that I’m, well, moving. This is the first ever time, so it’s a bit stressful. Next week I’m shifting all my shit into a new place and getting organized, so I can’t promise to be around much until I get all my shit together. That being said, I’m moving into my own place all by my onesie, so it’ll be a buttload of fun once I get there!

In the meantime, have a clip of new characters from an as-of-yet-untitled Changeling threequel.

Something tickled his nose, and he glanced up. The sky had been grey and overcast all day, but now as night was approaching it was beginning to look ominous. Snow had been expected, but not so soon. It was time to go home.

He cupped his hand around his mouth and called, “Astrid!”

His voice echoed off the bare rocks and trees, bouncing back and forth until it faded into ghosts. He counted the seconds while he waited—it was nearly forty-five before he got a reply.

“Yes, brother?” A fair head popped over a rock and the body of his sister soon followed.

“Do you see the snow?” He gestured around him. The snow was thin still, but falling fairly steady now. It wouldn’t be long until the night was thick with it, and then it would be impossible to get home. Continue reading

Moving is not for the faint of heart

I’ve lived in one place my entire life. And no, I don’t mean the same city or province or what-have-you – I mean the same house, the same room, for the past 20 years. I’ve never moved.

As part of my parents’ divorce settlement, we have to sell the house. It’s going on the market next week. So in order to get prepared, we have to clean everything.

And I mean everything.

My room is nine by eleven, I believe – the size of a prison cell. I’ve had to make do my entire life. But I never realized just how much shit I fit into it until I had to take it all out.

Continue reading