Hairventures: 2014: February


20140205_230300To be perfectly honest and fair, this is not the first time my hair has been done since last July, which was when my last hairventure was posted. That being said, the styles I had were the exact same as last July’s, so not worth mentioning.

And don’t mind that sultry face I’m making in the second photo.

My hair is currently the first time in ages that it’s been wholly my natural colour. Thar she is, in all her dark glory.

It’s just a scruffy pixie this time around, and it will be for a while yet. I really like this style, and it’s easy for me to take care of. Despite how little hair I have, I desperately hate blow drying, and prefer to let it dry on its own. The only problem with that is I end up with a bowl cut looking thing on my head because it dries flat.

To counteract that, I put in my wet hair my Osis styling gum or simple mousse to pull it how I want it to go, and it will usually dry that way.

Short hair, yeeeah.

In a few weeks, my hair will be updated again. If all goes to plan, this brown will be gone. 😀

Hairventures: 2010

January 2010

2010 was one year I did great things with my hair. January, as seen above, started out with the aftershocks of 2009, when I began growing it out. Here is the longest it has been since I first cut it in grade 8. These are my natural curls and cowlicks in all their glory, and my natural brown interspersed with a few lingering streaks of orange. I actually really like this picture, because it highlights how nice my natural curls could sometimes turn out and it showcases just how cool I am.

Then came May, and the entire reason I grew out my hair for the past year.

May 2010


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