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The silhouette was little more than a shadowy blemish behind the protective shroud of linen. Stained as the sheet was with previous inhabitants of the room, it should have been difficult to see those little things that made her unique, but things that should be are not always so. The rogue curl that grazed the slope of her brow. The stern, sharp edge of her nose. Those elegant hands, tucked together. All bathed in moonlight as the rope creaked and the silhouette gently turned behind the curtain, as feral voices called for more blood.

Guys! I did a thing!

Birds of a feather

Tweet tweet dark

As you can see on my Facebook page, I do art sometimes. I usually just do pencil portraiture, but recently I’ve wanted to branch out and do more mixed media and painting, after rediscovering my watercolour and acrylic paints hiding behind some other garbage. After hoarding some craft supplies from the import magazines at work, I decided today was the day. I bought some canvases and went to work.

They’re both watercolour backgrounds, with acrylic, pencil, pen, paper, and, in the case of the yellow one, twine. The white and yellow birds of the first are actually nail polish. But don’t tell anyone.

I am especially in love with the yellow one. Gah.

Apparently I really like birds today

I’m sure you can expect more posts about art as I delve deeper into it. I have another canvas laying in my kitchen, and I don’t expect it to survive the weekend. 😀