I recently downloaded from Steam the lovable old game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, and installed the Restored Content mod that returned to the game content that the developers had to cut prior to the rushed release date. I love this game to bits, due to playing it all the time as a child, and I was fascinated to see what restored content I could fiddle with.

I had always known about the sub-level of the Telos military base, the one with the locked door that you can never enter. Cut content. I always knew it was the door to the HK manufacturing plant that G0-T0 took over after Revan abandoned it. So I was super excited once HK-47 initiated the quest to find out where the HK-50 droids were coming from so he could hunt them down and kill them. Continue reading

A thought on tauntauns

Let me ask you a question.

What person who has watched Star Wars – the original trilogy, and specifically The Empire Strikes Back – hasn’t wanted a pet tauntaun? They’re the most hideously cute fantastical creatures ever created scientific fact. Stop motion, white, furry, horned creature with little paws and balloon innards? What’s not to love?

Cute though.

Me, I’ve always loved tauntauns. In the old game Star Wars: Battlefront II, one could play on Hoth and, if you were fast enough, you could ride a tauntaun into battle.


But even better news coming up.

SW:TOR sent me an email saying that as part of the Legacy update, they’re going to send every player with an active Legacy, get this, a pet tauntaun.


I remembered this today, logged on, thankful my subscription hadn’t yet expired, and sprinted out of the cantina to find a mailbox.



Hi, I’m a tiny tauntaun, and I’m cute as fuck.

It’s described as passively watching my adventures. So he’ll just pad around, being cute with his wittle horns and feeties and… backpack.

Go get SW:TOR, just to live the dream. Pet tauntaun. amg OTL.

Caution: Construction ahead!

Happy end of the week, blogosphere! I, for one, have had a splendiferous week. Since getting my wisdom teeth pulled on the last of January, I’ve written just under 20 000 words in Changeling – I’ve revealed two major plot points, and started a third and fourth – and I’m most pleased because I’ve reached a point where I get to describe a lot of chaos. As in, destructive magic galore. Like this:

The second man hung back, prepping his bow and arrows, and the first launched at me, screaming in F’lish. I loosed a jet of fire as soon as he came near; when it hungrily caught the cloth of his tunic beneath his leather armour, he screeched and dropped to the ground. The mud did wonders of putting out the flames; as soon as he was no longer burning, I lifted the water from the mud and wrapped him in it, then promptly froze it.

Something whistled past my head and thudded into the tree behind me. Alarmed, I whirled around to see the second barbarian preparing another arrow—this one crackling with electricity.

I lifted my lip in a snarl. Aeromancy. Those who could control lightning were basically pyrophorics’ overexcited cousins. I waited, hands forward and ready, until he released the arrow. With a grunted Gabalic word, I raised my arms and a wall of water sucked from the mud and nearby plants shot up in the same motion. The arrow sailed through and clattered onto a pile of rocks, but its static charge slammed into the water with such force that it nearly knocked me over. Before it could dissipate, I shoved forward and knocked over my foe. His screams were garbled and silenced altogether as the electrified water surrounded him.

Wiping my hair off my sweaty forehead, I turned to see how Hession was faring. He still stood strong, fighting off two of the barbarians. The third had been dispatched and was lying nearby without a head, and one of the two still living was bleeding, ready to fall. To speed up the process, I enfolded him in a bubble of fire, holding it even as he collapsed and tried desperately to put it out. When his sizzling body finally went still, I rounded on the remaining man, who seemed to have gained the upper hand in their fight. Hession was bleeding, still blocking but not finding the energy to make another attack. His healing magic would be keeping him upright. I was impressed.

Rather than watch to see if he could win on his own, I pulled his enemy back and lifted him high into the air. He screamed to be let down, begged for mercy; I released the psychokinetic magic and hobbled through the debris and corpses to Hession’s side.

“How are you feeling?” I asked, slightly out of breath. A scream quieted and something crunched behind me, and he paled several shades.

He sat on a bed of moss and cupped a cut on his side with his hands. “I’ll be fine. Gabal Mages are terrifyin’.”

“Magic at its worst.” As he healed his wounds, I worked my way over to the first barbarian killed, the one frozen in muddy water. I peered through the gloom surrounding him, then melted the ice. His body tumbled to the ground, cold and most assuredly dead. Suffocated, likely.

Aisling is one cold bitch. But she gets the job done, and thoroughly. Changeling is an outlet for my suppressed pyromania. I love having Aisling light things on fire and watch them burn. A little twisted that way.

I also adjusted the spellcheck for Changeling, so apparently I do care enough. Not sure where that change of heart comes from.

So! The main purpose of this idle update is to point out that I overhauled my blog. Took a plain white theme already in the system and just added headers and customized things. Take note: this is my extreme nerdiness showing through. All headers are screenshots taken during my time picking flowers and decapitating elves with Wuuthrad in Skyrim. I like this infinitely better than the generic hippie theme I was rocking before. Don’t get me wrong, I adore colour, but this is so pristine. I love it.

If you think anything can be adjusted, let me know. I’m still tweaking it.

I wanted to take a really pretty screenshot of the Balosar outpost space mission in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but for some reason the predator drone didn’t comply. It captured an image, but it only came out black. So I’ll fiddle around a bit and see what’s up. Not like Balosar is going anywhere. What I really wish I’d taken a shot of was the time I was top of the leaderboard in a PvP warzone. Playing against veteran MMOers, and the whole time unsure of our team’s overall goal, I simply slaughtered whomever I came across and got a lot of awards and points.  Like a boss.

Steam is having a marathon of Skyrim mods today. All free and available. I got a few mandatory ones – like faster arrows, faster weapons, a Dovahkiin retreat – but then there were the dumb ones. I almost downloaded a mod for Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Ezio armour for females. Somehow resisted that one. And mudcrabs in top hats? Really? Though, I got two pretty stupid ones – Psijic robes, unnecessary, and, get this, a lollipop war axe and great axe.

Naturally, I made one and gave it to Cicero. It only does one damage, but we’ll see if we can work around it.

Randomness over. Enjoy the new blog, and enjoy seeing Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D this Friday, because I sure won’t – my shitty little town can’t handle the badassery. Booooo.

A belated Christmas and an update on life

Merry Christmas, blogosphere! Or rather, Merry belated Christmas! I hope you all had a wondrous, magnificent, and safe holiday from school, work, and what-have-you. Aside from the fact that I only got one day off, I had a dandy old time meself. My day essentially consisted of waking up, opening gifts, playing Sims 3 all day, eating, playing more Sims 3, hanging out, going to bed. Which is a really good day in my book.

And look! How cool are these bad boys?

Pretty sick, eh?

To add to the glory, they also sound as good as they look. So those are awesome. I was also blessed with lululemons excruciatingly overpriced yoga pants that I probably didn’t need but they’re sooooooo comfortable; a massive and glorious Star Wars poster with all the characters who make even the briefest of appearances in the movies – such as Aurra Sing, who spends a whole of ten seconds on-screen in Episode I, during the Boonta Eve podrace on Tatooine – two books, Shockaholic by Carrie Fisher, and the Gendarme, a novel about the Armenian genocide; blue leather driving gloves; three Elvis Pez dispensers; a singing, holographic Elvis ornament; and my very own, shiny copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I seem to be very easy to shop for, judging by the themes here: Elvis and Star Wars, anyone?

So, that was nice. I’m still recovering from my turkey coma. Leftovers 4 lyf.

And on Boxing Day – which I learned recently is a Canadian thing, according to my American coworker; so it’s just a post-Christmas shopping day, all you Amurricans – I managed to snag me eight seasons of Seinfeld on DVD for $10 each. I say eight, because for some reason season 6 was sold out. Ouch. It was probably the best season, too. But that was a beautiful happening.

Later on Boxing Day, Bethany joined me at my humble abode. We went to Walmart in hopes of finding Mafia II for cheap, but ended up buying Seinfeld and Gilmore Girls. So we were just going to play LA Noire instead. However, upon going to the living room, she pointed out that she hadn’t yet seen my new computer. I opened it up, got it started, and to prove how fast it is compared to my old computer – or any computer, really – I started up Skyrim.

So Skyrim opens to the menu screen, and to my surprise, Bethany clicks NEW.

Now, don’t get me wrong. She’s a casual gamer. Like I said, we were going to game when she came over. But she usually just fucks around my files, a la Red Dead Redemption, when she wasted the whole two grand I managed to scrounge up and gambled it all away within a matter of minutes. But no. She was going to play Skyrim on her own.

The option comes up to pick a race, when Hadvar is getting you ready to go the headsman’s block in Helgen. I ask Bethany if she wants to be a warrior, rogue, or mage, and explain how each race can do each thing, but some specialize in a certain area. She declares warrior. We make a Redguard, the most naturally talented warriors. She creates Mo’niq the badass Redguard warrior, then starts to just head out and play, albeit with some struggles due to having never gamed on a PC before.

She’s now level 6, and just about never needs my help, except for maybe getting through Nordic barrow puzzle doors.

I converted her! By accident! So proud of my bb.

Speaking of gaming, I recently discovered on Sims 3 that you can change the skin colour, not just tone. As in, the options to have blue, green, and red skin were discovered. Naturally, I made a family of really weird aliens. Then ideas started cropping up.

So… I may just be starting a sci-fi idea now. Main character is a unit commander specializing in the protection and safety of representatives of the Concord – a galactic alliance, if you will. Her name is Analise Jaeger, but we just call her Ana. Her right hand is Sean Pressley, the tech nerd. Currently, Ana and her squad are joining human representative Lang of the Concord to convince the aliens of a hostile desert planet that they need to join the Concord. These are very intelligent aliens, but they are stubborn isolationists, and want nothing to do with the Concord. However, Ana and Sean and Co. come across an unusual specimen of this race, a young woman who is fascinated by human culture, and culture of other alien races. She’s her clan historian, but her innocence and naivety make her the brunt of jokes to her people. From there, where shall I go? Perhaps on another stereotypical sci-fi route. There isn’t too too much you can do with a space opera to make it unique, but God knows I’ll try.

Gaming = inspiration.

The Old Republic is glorious, too, fyi. I’m on the Crucible Pits server, if you want to help me slay things for the good of the Jedi and Republic – if I’m playing as Lacy the happy blue Twi’lek. If I’m playing as Tu’Kira the angry Chiss bounty hunter, maybe I’ll just light you on fire. We’ll see.

Time to get addicted to an mmo, woo!

I have Skype!

Okay. Tired. Past 1 am. Want to game, but will wait for brother to go online tomorrow so he can help me slay angry Twi’lek wannabe Dark Jedi on Tython.

My server is PvP. Daunting.

And that, dear ones, is current events.