Purity: a love story

A tentative but less tentative than before release date for PURITY has been decided upon:


OCTOBER 25, 2013

A week or so before Halloween, Purity will be released and available on AMAZON. At a later date will come Apple Books and Barnes & Noble admittedly because I am fresh and new at this self-publishing thing and don’t want to overwhelm myself. Judge me not.

I am eternally blessed to be able to show my passion to the world. Though, if I’m going to be perfectly honest, I’m a very odd mixture of terrified and over-the-moon excited to do this. Maybe because I’m still technically editing her. But no matter.

In two weeks, Purity will be available on Amazon.

Bartending and generalness

I feel like I haven’t updated in an age, even though it’s not really been that long. On the 19th, I started my bartending practicum, the final stage in the course I took last month. I just finished the practicum last night. I spent every evening, 5 to 10, at the local Boston Pizza restaurant, and I think I was cursed with the most awkward days in BP history. They’re normally busy, but I was plagued with really slow days, except Friday, in which there was a half hour where four of us were behind the bar and we still weren’t up on the chits. But it was pretty fun, aside from nervousness (I got a stress coldsore by the third day) and unpaidness. I learned how to better pour beer, make general drinks like Caesars and Long Island iced teas, etc, and put away glasses. How exciting, yes? I decided that while I didn’t mind bartending, I never want to work in the food service industry as a server – which is what the bartenders at BP do as well. I don’t have the energy, patience, or hand-eye coordination for a job like that. Thank God I was only tending the bar while I was there.

So that was interesting. Enjoyable, but am I ever glad it’s over. I have much better things to do with my time – ie, sell books and be paid for it, and write my stories.

On that related note, Elisa has persisted and convinced me that I do need to finish the story/rewrites of my first major work of fiction, a little vampire ditty named Purity. Hatred for Twilight and what it turned vampires/vampire fans into made me subsequently hate Purity. I made some huge changes to make it more unique and more to mythological lore than urban fantasy, but I just couldn’t do it. So it sat on the backburner while I wrote OtArb and Changeling.

But something roused it, and Elisa convinced me that Purity had merit, and that yes, it is unique, but it’s also a vampire story in this new revival of vampires. While I hate the idea of notoriety of a subject made uber popular because of Twilight, it is not in the slightest like Twilight. While I’m going to fight to get OtArb traditionally published, I was convinced that Purity would sell well as a self-published ebook, and that I would have expert help getting it ready for sale. Maybe it’ll be well-off and end up lovingly taken in by a publishing house like the ridiculous and shameful Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James. So I’ve begun my third and final because if I have to do this again I’m going to murder someone rewrite of Purity. It’s more serious, less stupidly angsty and dark, with more rounded characters. The story is pretty solid from my last rewrite, and the mythological races are pretty close to lore, with some alterations because I do want to make this my own.

I’ll do a further update on Purity at a later date, with more character information and races and whatnot. And I guess I’ve got to create a folder/page for it now. Le sigh.

So that’s pretty exciting. Thanks to a recent illogical computer crash, I lost several thousand unsaved words of OtK on MS Word, but have since regained my lust for it and am rewriting that part, so further progress has been made in that department. Changeling has hit her second major roadblock – I have the future mapped out, but I need a bridge to get there. I’ll get it in due time.

I’ve also felt like barfing for the past several days. Not sure why, but it is the worst feeling evar. And my wireless mouse finally ate it after probably four years in loyal service, so I’ve got to use the mousepad of my laptop until I get a new one. Bummer.

How are things elsewhere in the blogosphere? Has anything exciting happened in my brief absence?