Superhero names!

Thanks to playing a whole lot of Saints Row the Third (and maybe a little to do with having seen the Dark Knight Rises three times already), I have an overwhelming urge to write a story involving superheroes. I have a basic plot sketched out – it would be light-hearted, humourous, while poking fun at superhero stereotypes. I was going to set it in 1950s New York – because everything bad happens to New York – but as I know nothing about New York, it’s being set in Vancouver instead.

The main character, Clara Butler, is a twenty-something woman who cooks and cleans the house of a wealthy entrepreneur, and secretly has super strength and can shoot blasts of energy. Donning a costume, she goes out and performs vigilante justice. She can’t fly and can’t afford a nice car, so she has to wait through traffic in order to get to the heists and she’s a woman, so she’s an awful driver. However, stealing all the credit for her work is another costumed hero, this one a man who ends up being praised by the public and police, because he’s always there when the cops show, after Clara has left. She’s bitter, and goes about trying to stop him from stealing her thunder. Plus some other stuff, but we’ll keep that on the DL in case I actually finish this WIP.

So my issue is this: How does one name superheroes without sounding too hokey? It’s got to have some degree of ridiculousness, because I do intend to mock stereotypical heroes, and it’s just not a good superhero without a dumb name.

Does anyone have any thoughts on names? I’m currently empty-handed, and would love to hear whatever insane suggestions you all can come up with.

Moose are pretty cool

Watching the news. There are moose. Hence the title.

I was at the coast, in Vancouver, over the weekend, for my cousin’s wife’s baby shower, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll just say my cousin’s baby shower. Tha and Jason, the latter being my cousin and the former being his wife (pronounced Ta, by the way). It was precious. She’s too adorable for words, and her being pregnant is extra cute. They’ll have the most preciousest baby ever once it’s born. Except it has to contend with three Dobermans, one of which is spawned of Hell.

Being in Vancouver has its benefits. I wouldn’t want to live there – at least not right now – because it’s just too big, but it is home to one of the finest malls I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. This being Metrotown. Metrotown was a nice treat, because I got to spend my mother’s money on girly things! Bras, bags, food, and almost oxblood Oxfords, except they were just too expensive. And I tried on lululemons. That’s never happened before. They made my bottom look quite delightful. So I might have to spray tan and bleach my hair and wear them constantly, like other stereotypical girls who wear them. Since I’m a girl who wears jeans. Always.

There’s an update on my life, exciting as it may be.

In moar exhilarating news! I’m continuing effort on Of the Arena, the sequel to Of the Arbour. I’m just about to hit the climax, and I’m very excited for it. There are two more major battles to write, and then the actual ending itself. Hopefully it’ll all turn out swell. Time for me to stretch my emotional muscles and ready for tears, since one of the semimajor characters will be dying, and I want reactions, people! And the final battle as well; there will be no triumph. This is me continuing my plan with Of the Arbour and siblings by breaking traditional fantasy cliches. So far, I think it’s worked.

It’s almost Halloween. I’m so excited. I’ll post an image of my costume once it’s all said and done. Love Halloween :3

WARNING: Minor inappropriateness ahead.

Guess who I was last Halloween!

I’m being another person this year. And I am so excited. Mostly because I get to dress up for work. It’s going to be absolutely splendid :3

There’s an update on my oh-so-exciting life. Enjoy. I’ll be back later with more teasers and clips, most likely, and an update for Halloween.