The Versatile Blogger Award, take two

By some twisted chance of fate, I got the same award twice. I’d like to thank the Academy, Cassidy Cornblatt, and the Nine Divine for blessing me with this award a second time. And my mother, of course, because what kid would I be if I didn’t thank the one who birthed me, and the idle sludge that leaks from my brain so randomly that twice I could be given the honour of getting an award about being a versatile blogger. And Sage, Stride, Briar, Siras, Kymbry, Maia; Aisling, Alistair, Lacramioara, Zdenek, Morwenna, Leto, Sophia… I could go on, but the music is playing.

Since I don’t actually follow many blogs, least of all any that are all so versatile, I’m going to skip the part where I continue the award, because I’m a dick and please don’t send the blogosphere gestapo after me for this, and if you want the award, let me know and I’ll see if you have the reach and flexibility needed for this holy prize.

10 points to whoever gets that joke.

Okay. Seven things I haven’t splurged at some point in the past.

This is hard.

  1. Sage, the main character in Of the Arbour et al, is basically me, plus a penis and facial hair and being blonde and blue-eyed. We share many of the same traits: agnosticism, insomnia, social anxiety, stubbornness, and a false bravado. Is this a valid fact? It is now.
  2. I realized just now that many of my male protagonists are blonde and blue-eyed. I think I’m biased against my own hair/eye colour.
  3. I write fanfiction, mainly for Bethesda games, and I’ve got very good feedback on it. I haven’t in a while, due to being retardedly busy, but there you go.
  4. Getting a reply on a tweet from my idol, Diana Gabaldon, probably was the highlight of my life. How sad is that?
  5. I don’t do drugs. The most intense drug I’ve ever done is Ativan for a previous anxiety disorder – but even then I was irresponsible and took so many I started hallucinating.
  6. In combination with that, I don’t really drink. I’m such a lightweight, two strongish, mixed drinks will have me on my face.
  7. I get monstrous fictional-character crushes, which I’ve learned isn’t that weird, thank the Nine. Dimitri from Anastasia will always be my number one.

These are such terrible facts, haha. I’m so bad at picking out good personal facts. Not like I’m going to give away all my secrets see how mysterious I am?, but these are just… well, they’re about as good as my last time winning this award.

In other news, everyone should read The Fat Years by Chan Koonchung. It was banned in China, because it presents a realistic near-future dystopian nation. Very good. Thoughtful and whatnot.

And the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by NK Jemisin, which are awesome and you will fall in love with Nahadoth.

Marshman, out.

I’m a versatile blogger!

Ooh, look what I got.

Weird, I’ve only actually been  a blogger for two weeks!

The fantastic Elisa Michelle ( awarded me with this, naming me a versatile blogger. I reckon it’s true – I don’t really stick to one thing often.

According to Elisa, these are the rules:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them
  • Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.
  • Give this award to 15 recently discovered bloggers
  • Contact those bloggers and let them in on the news
I’m just a baby – a two weeks old blogger. I don’t know anyone else D: Oh, wait! My brothuh-from-anuthah-mothah, Bethany ( She’s new. And I guess she’s versatile. Yay!
So. Seven things about myself, eh?
  1. If my life goes to plan, I’ll make a career out of my writing. I know it’s totally unrealistic, but that would be so glorious. Otherwise, I’ll go to school to become a) A journalist, b) A history teacher, or c) A video game writer, and end up working for Bethesda or Bioware :3 (these aren’t in any particular order). This is just proof of my nerdiness.
  2. Like stated in my writer bio, I adore Star Wars. How much do I adore Star Wars? I have a Star Wars tattoo. It’s the Alliance Starbird, aka the symbol of the rebels in the original series. I have a lightsaber – a replica of Anakin Skywalker’s that lights up, flickers, glows, hums, and makes noise when you strike things. I have multiple t-shirts, posters, video games, books. I have all the movies in DVD, four in VHS. I used to have a subscription to the magazine, and I was part of the fan club. I know a lot of random facts about the past, present, and future EU. I know what the EU is (that should be fact enough; the first time I said EU to a dude, he pretty much shit his pants. “A girl knows what the EU is?!”) I dressed up as a Sith apprentice when Revenge of the Sith came to theatres. That’s how much I love Star Wars. Suck it.
  3. I live in the only true desert in Canada, excluding the Arctic tundra.
  4. I’ve been to Europe. France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. Switzerland looks like Canada – my part of Canada, at least, since over 50 Switzerlands could probably fit in my grand country.
  5. When I go to Scotland one day, I’m going to Craigh na Dun outside Inverness, and I’m going to step through the stones.
  6. One of my lifetime goals is to live in a Hobbit hole. This, obviously, is after I’m rich of my book sales and a movie contract.
  7. My favourite animals are bears and foxes. To be specific, brown bears and red foxes. One day, in my Hobbit hole (which will be in the Scottish Highlands, by the way), I’ll have a pet brown bear named Sunday, and a red fox named Riley. And we will all love each other.
Thanks, Elisa! Who am I to deny an internet award? :3